Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What Was In Your Trick-or-Treat Bag?

"What didja get?"
As soon as we got in the door with our bulging pillowcases of loot, the older...non-trick-or-treat...members of the family would pounce.  We dumped the booty in the middle of the kitchen table and commenced sorting. way!  Popcorn balls...pretty good, but not quite there.  The golden ticket, blue ribbon, cherry on the sundae...the prize of prizes...was the full-size candy bar...preferrably chocolate!

Vintage Candy!
I just took a little trip to the Candy Wrapper Museum to find the candy we all wanted to find in our Trick-or-Treat bags.
The following candies are from my childhood...some of which I had forgotten even existed.
What were your childhood favorites?
I thought using marshmallow was a waste of good chocolate.
Second best candy bar in the lineup.
Don't think I ever had one of these.  Peanut butter is okay.
I know I never tried this chocolate.
Did anyone else feel cheated when nickle candy bars became a dime?
Don't know if this is my era or not...the 5cents says it probably is.
Milky Way...the Holy me...of chocolate bars.

Acceptable Substitutes
Gum is always good.
When I was little, I thought these were made from chickens.

These always got stuck in my teeth.
You chewed these until they went sugary.
I was never sure what the deal was with these.

It was great to be a kid!  Mom would always say, "You can eat three pieces tonight, then you have to put them away and make them last!"  Yeah, right!  I am sure I am not the only one who woke up about noon the next day with candy wrappers in my hair and a tummy ache.  The dog is in a candy coma in the corner and your little brother hasn't stopped running in circles for hours! That grimy bottomless pillowcase wasn't so bottomless all!

May all your Halloween memories be sweet ones!

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