Monday, July 15, 2013

A Sweet Project...U and I Sugar Sack Pillows!

U and I Sugar...Home Grown Sweetness!
Utah and Idaho...the sugar I grew up with!
C & H Sugar...just a sweet little imposter!
This lovely saltine tin was our sugar canister...often found on our breakfast table.
Too lazy to use a spoon...the sugar was poured directly from the tin.
Every bowl of cereal had a half inch of sugar on the!
Lehi Sugar Mill....
Postcard from my collection...Lehi Sugar Mill.
As a child we often drove by the old sugar factory in Lehi.  It was located near the dreaded "Mill Pond"...a body of water rumored to have no bottom, that would suck down any child who swam there.  My mother's cautionary tales were often exaggerated all out of proportion, but I wasn't going to test her theory.  She once told me that it swallowed a train...the "Orem" I believe. 

See all the spooky smoke over the creepy Mill Pond...all for the love of sugar!

The factory was built in 1891 during the height of  Utah sugar production.  American Fork was also competing for the factory.  In the American Fork library there is a copy of a pamphlet put out by American Fork to show all the wonderful amenities our city had to offer prospective industries.  What they should have offered was a building site and land for a beet farm.  Lehi did just that...40 acres for the factory and 1,500 acres of land.  They also built a road to the location, bought stock in the company and gave perpetual water rights.  Also a plus...two railroads passed nearby...The Rio Grande and the Western Pacific. 

American Fork offered photos of lovely homes and a picture of the Postmaster...who was famous for his mustache and cape.  Who would pass over sedately boring American Fork in favor of  boisterous "shoot 'em up" cowboy town Lehi?   Lehi celebrated their victory with bonfires of looted property and free barrels of beer.  Well done, Lehi...well done! 

Sweet Pinterest-Inspired Pillows...
Cute pillow I found on Pinterest.
I found two bags on ebay...5 lbs and 10 lbs.
Sadly neither one was made in Lehi...and one is from South Dakota!
But they had the brightest printing.

Fun use for milk caps...almost like a prize ribbon!

I love the instructions printed on the backs of the bags.
Vintage Sheet Jammie Pants...
I am pretty late to the home-sewn pajama pants party...but not too late!  I have been collecting vintage sheets and pillow cases when I find them in the thrifts.  I can't believe how cheap they are sometimes.  I thought it would be fun to make PJ pants from one of the sheets.  I love the cool feel of sheets in summer.
Pretty violets...full sheet was $4 at Savers and was enough fabric for two pairs.

I trimmed the pants with vintage rick-rack and found a comfy tee-shirt to match.
They are soooo cool and comfortable, I think I will make a few more.
Have a sweet week!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Holiday Road...Vintage Vacation Ephemera!

Vacation Bits and Pieces...
I had so much fun reading Kim's account of her Vintage Vacation on Route 66. The "kicks" start here...Musings from Kim K.  I have always loved the tacky tourist traps, old drive-ins and "Frostee Freezes" encountered on the many family road trips of my childhood.  That is one of the reasons I so thoroughly enjoyed Kim's blog posts...they were such a blast from the past!  Now I'm itching to get on the road!  I have been collecting bits and pieces of other people's road trips for years.  I finally dug out the box of vintage post cards and other ephemera...the little things that often get thrown away.  But sometimes, the little bits and pieces were taped in a scrapbook or tossed in a desk drawer to emerge decades later...for me to find. I scanned a few of my little treasures for you to enjoy...



Transparent Window Decal
I remember those station wagons with windows plastered with from every state!

Dinosaur Hunting License...
My favorite souvenir from Vernal, Utah!

Decal from Bingham Copper Mine...
One of the few man-made things visible from space...and my front porch!


What's in your vacation scrapbook?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Images for a Patriotic Fourth!

Some Images to get you in the "Spirit of '76"
I cannot believe I let so much time go by in between blog posts!  I blame it on the heat.  Northern Utah doesn't get as hot as places like Phoenix and Las Vegas...but this week has brought record temperatures to some cities.  So we have been getting temps from 100 to 105.  Down in the very southwest corner of our state is a city called St. George.  For some reason they have their own climate. Warm in winter...but blistering hot in the summer.  Today will probably reach somewhere around 111 degrees.  Snow Birds love it...many older citizens own condos there in which to spend the coldest winter months...but today I will be glad to be closer to the mountains than the desert. 
I am also taking the lazy way out today...posting some patriotic images I recently added to my collection.  Many are from Pinterest.  I will be spending most the afternoon getting ready for a big family party tomorrow.  I hope this mix has some images you don't already have.  Enjoy!
Happy Independence Day!!