Friday, October 28, 2011

Vintage Christmas Cards!

Is It Time Yet?
I'm just itching to start putting away the Spookables and decking my halls with Boughs of Jolley. Until Tuesday morning at dark o'clock I have to amuse myself by getting my craft supplies stocked and ready.  I was going to make two Christmas card garlands for my office windows, but I couldn't bear to glue the vintage cards to the rick-rack.  So I've been scanning those cards into my computer.  It's taken longer than I expected, because I keep playing with the cute little graphics that sometimes are included in the insides of the cards and even on the backs.  I don't know why I didn't do this years ago.  I could have been using the fun graphics in my crafts in addition to the bazillions of files I have already.

Cute Cards...
You might as well snag these little cuties...I would!

I love cards with windows or doors.

Windows open!

This snowman looks as sweet as his candy cane.

The inside is just as cute!

What's cuter than a kitten?   Two kittens!

Sweet Little Miss (front of card)

Little Miss (back of card)

A Silly Miss!  Reminds me of Olive Oyle.
A few of these cards came from one of my favorite thrifting finds ever.

Salesman's Card Sample Book...Winter of 1954.
$1 at D.I. in Ogden.
Talk about fun!  It was filled with unused cards.

A Merry Snow Couple

Inside of Card

Beautiful Blue Bells

And finally...

Darling Santa Sample Card with Personalization

Even cuter on the inside!

That's all I was able to get done today!  I had to take a break from some of my more manic crafting.  Instead of cutting and pasting, I kidnapped my sister and forced her to go to 5 Guys Burgers and Fries.  Later my hubby and I went to see that weird movie about the future where Justin Timberlake has a timeclock on his arm and he's out of time.  Is it called "Out of Time?"  I can't remember. Oh, well....

I just want to say how grateful I am for the times my husband George and I spend together.  We like so many of the same things.  He was my high school sweetie.  He's a fun date and my best boyfriend ever!

Have a fun...not too frightening...Halloween Weekend!


Lisa Jo said...

Shirley did you look at that CD i sent you with Grandma's cards on it? it has a bunch of Christmas ones. I just love old cards. i wish i had more room to collect and display fun holiday stuff :)

pattipie said...

You didn't kidnap me! I went willingly and enjoyed every moment! Now I'm back to work and wishing I was hanging out with you!