Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fun With Feed or Flour Sacks...or Sugar Sacks!

Pretty Chicks of Summer!
Nothing says summer like a lot of pretty chicks strutting about and showing off their colorful finery.  I've mentioned before how much I enjoy what an All-American summer has to offer.  Summer to me is a garden filled with lazy days, country fairs, fireworks and parades beneath a blue sky full of fluffy white clouds.  There are lots of pretty chickens in a summer garden...well, in my neighbors' gardens...and it makes me happy just to watch them.  I like summer projects...this year I am being drawn to a country fair or carnival kind of theme.  Of course the colors red, white and blue will dominate...the colors of an American Summer!
Pinterest-Inspired Feed Sack Art
As seen on Pinterest...from Country Living.
Made by Cathe Holden of  Just Something I Made
I love Cathe Holden's blog.  She comes up with the most brilliant ideas...but what I love most is that though they are easy, they pack a lot of punch!  I've been inspired time and time again.  Pillows and other things made from feed, flour and sugar sacks can be found all over Pinterest, but I hadn't seen this idea anywhere.  Cathe has taken sacks with interesting graphics...added simple embroidery to enhance the design...and framed them like canvas art. What could be more fun in a vintage farm-style kitchen?
My version is a flour sack from Lehi Roller Mills.
I added a funky polka dot border...the dots are vaguely!
Lehi Roller Mills is a local landmark featured on the first "Footloose" movie. I first posted about it last year here... Lehi Roller Mills. I was so excited to find I still had one flour sack left in my stash.  My embroidery skills are nothing to brag about, but it was fun to outline the letters and turkey with (very) simple stitches.

The flour sack was simple to frame...I just stapled it to a white stretched canvas I found at Hobby Lobby in the art department...the sizes and possibilities are endless!
I used an 18" by 24" canvas.

These are the porch pillows I made last year from the same sacks
Sugar Sack Pillows...
 Sugar sack pillow found on Pinterest. 

I made these last year...See it here!
These will be fun added to my country fair theme.
Speaking of fairs...who doesn't love a first place ribbon?
Cathe Holden is also an expert on making fancy rosette ribbons.
I purchased her book..."Rosette Art". 
The book has tons of ideas and includes pre-scored papers to get you started.
Happy May Day...tomorrow!
P.S. Pretty Chickens!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Here Comes Peter Cottontail....Swapping Down the Bunny Trail!

 Happy Easter!
Easter Cloche Swap
I meant to post this two weeks ago, but life got in the way.  This past year has been a challenge for many of my blogger friends and I guess it was my turn for a time.  One of my younger sisters passed away.  It was sudden...but not unexpected.  She had a lot of serious health problems and the past few years were a struggle for her.  I feel comforted...especially at this time of the promise of Christ's Resurrection and His Plan of Salvation.  Even if one is not a Christian, the signs and symbols of Easter and Spring can be messages of hope and re-birth.  I have faith that I will be reunited with my family once again..."Families are Forever."

Easter Cloches...Springtime under Glass!
I really enjoy swaps...especially in the Spring!  Sandy of 521 Lake of my favorite bloggers...sponsored an Easter Cloche Swap.  Whoever discovered that dollar store wine glasses could be put to such an adorable use is a total genius!  What fun...a package of 6 wine glasses with removable bases for a dollar!  My heart just soars with happiness to see the tiny scenes captured under each small dome.  I feel like a little girl again with a little girl's love of miniature things. Thank you, Sandy for hosting!

I was so happy to be partnered again with Jenny of Jenny's Heart.  We met through an Easter swap two years ago.  She is delightful and I am so glad to get to know her better.  Jenny truly has the sweetest of hearts.  Thank you so much, Jenny.  The lovely items you sent me were part of the Easter decorations at the memorial luncheon at my home. 

Treats from Jenny...
Sweet, sweet things.
The red box is filled with note cards.
Jenny and I both love truffles!

"Sugar Egg Cloche"
Tiniest of chicks and bitty little eggs.
I love little chicks as an Easter symbol...I have collected them for years.

 I laughed out loud at this bunny wearing "bunny slippers!"

Look!  Tiny little!

Flashback!  Ribbon spool scene Jenny made for me two years ago!

What I made for Jenny....
I love lambs at Easter...but I keep them up through Mother's day.
She's resting against a little fence.

Top of box I made to hold an Easter garland.

Lambs, chicks and bunnies...sweet symbols of Spring.

Can't resist pretty little chicks.

Random Easter Décor...
I love to use this shelf at holidays to hold little things that might
get lost in the shuffle...more chicks!
Not shown, but Jenny's "bunny slipper bunny" has joined the party.

Kitchen table vignette.
I made a Spring folding backdrop to take pictures of my Easter Parade.
But I didn't get a chance to work on new characters this year...maybe next Easter.

Have a lovely and blessed Easter Sunday!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Vintage Birthday Party...You're All Invited!

A Surprise Party...For Me?
Hello, Friends!  My birthday is coming soon and it occurred to me that it would be a really nice gesture on your part if you were to throw me a surprise birthday party.  I haven't had one since my BFF Charlotte planned one for my 12th birthday.  It was a lot of fun and I got white lipstick...all the rage...and the issue of Tiger Beat that had "heart throb" Jay North on the cover.  You remember him...the kid who played Dennis the Menace?  He was 16 and so dreamy!
Let's get started...
If you need any ideas, this book should prove helpful...but really...all you need to do is follow 10 simple steps...
1.  Buy some cute invitations!
Invite all my Bloggy Friends!
2. Gather all your party supplies.
3.  Decide on the cake.
Forget those other cakes...I want a Barbie cake!

I don't want another disappointment!
When I was growing up in Alpine, the little blonde girl next door got a Barbie cake for her birthday.  Her grandma, a talented cake decorator, made the most beautiful Barbie cakes around.  She also created cute choo-choo train cakes and those gorgeous sugar Easter eggs that had scenes of bunnies and chicks inside.  Not to mention divine chocolate eggs decorated with frosting flowers. We were lucky at that time to get jelly beans and Cracker Jack in our baskets, let alone anything chocolate.  And our cakes were usually Betty Crocker sheet cakes with those hard sugar flowers and "Happy Birthday" letters.

4.  Buy me a present...I like paper dolls!
I will also accept a pogo stick, a Skipper doll, or a ginormous bottle of bubbles!
5.  Wrap my gifts in cute paper.
6.  Don't forget the birthday card!
Hint...the best ones have nickels, dimes and quarters taped inside!
7.  Play Musical Chairs and...
...Pin the Tail on the Donkey.
No Clowns!!!!
8.  Please don't sing "Happy Birthday!"
As a child I never could stand this song...I guess I didn't like the attention.
Also, I would hide when it was time to sing at other children's parties.
9.  When it's time to blow out the candles, make sure this kid keeps away from my cake!
I can blow out my own candles, thank you very much!
Do you remember that kid at your birthday party that didn't go home when it was over...who hung around hoping for another cupcake?  Remember that strange little girl who wanted "do overs" on the "Drop the Clothespin" game and wanted to "help" you play with your presents?  That was me!

See...I told you so.
10.  Send the guests home with party hats and balloons.
These 10 little steps should make it the perfect party!
Big Party "Don't!" 
I'm 59...not Methuselah's Granny!
Oh, dear shouldn't have!
I was going to wait until the 7th to post this...but I was too excited!
May 31, 2015
I was was 16 Magazine with the Jay North cover.
I wasn't wrong about him being "dreamy"