Saturday, October 15, 2011

Vintage Aprons at Last!

 Collecting Vintage Aprons
Isn't it about time Zetta's Aprons featured aprons? Today I am so excited to share with you a collection of vintage aprons.  A few of them are mine, but most of them belong to my sister Patti, who found them thrifting and on eBay.  We spent a fun morning together ironing and mending. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to work alongside my sister.  We laughed and talked about old times.  After lunch and a trip to a fall craft show, we bribed my pretty daughter, Sascha, to model the aprons.
Grey and Yellow Print with Yellow Binding.

Sweet Yellow Rosebud Pinafore.

Two of my own aprons. I love the modern blue and pink print on the left.
The patchwork apron is mostly reds and turquoise, trimmed in red rick-rack and is completely hand made.
Each block has been embroidered around.  I should have taken a close-up.

Darling green and red print, trimmed in white rick-rack.

Blue rosebuds! Apron is completely lined.

Fun rick-rack trimming!

Orange is for Halloween!

Trimmed in orange rick-rack, then embroidered.

This sweet little apron has blue rick-rack trimming.

The candy colors don't show as well as I'd like.
Fun pockets!

Cute rick-rack trim.

This looks like Big Sur or someplace similar.
I think it's a retro hostess apron.

Blue and White Apron with a Dutch feeling.

Blue apron trimmed with red binding.
Can't see cute pocket on the left.

This apron is sized for a larger wearer.
The pocket detail is super fun!

Sheer apron trimmed in yellow.  Has printed/painted yellow flowers

More fall colors. 
You can't see the three rows of tiny brown rick-rack
on the apron and pocket.

Sheer apron trimmed in tiny red rick-rack.  Polkadot ruffle at waistband is so pretty!

Betsy's Laundry Room
The cutest apron display I have ever seen is in Betsy's laundry room.  Betsy writes the blog The Little Red Hen at Home.  Where did she find all the wonderful red aprons?  Did you notice the clothes pins?  This picture doesn't even show all the aprons on that wall.  One thing is certain...laundry rooms should be Fun! Betsy's room is a Party!  I am going to make an ironing board cover in Red. Patti has a red checked tablecloth she'll (maybe) let me cut up. 

Thank you, Betsy, Patti, and Sascha!
Have a blessedly wonderful weekend!
This signature is in honor of The Little Red Hen!


pattipie said...

Awesome blog! Everything turned out so cute. Love Betsy's Laundry Room, I am soooo jealous!

laura said...

I love it!! All the aprons were so cute so was the model!! I especially loved the sheer one with the yellow flowers and the sunflower arrangement she was holding but, lol sunflowers of course are my FAVORITE.... I am glad that you and my mom are doing stuff like this together. I know she really enjoys it because she told me so. Love you all

Betsy said...

These aprons (and the model!) are so cute! I had such fun looking at all the details. Thanks again for featuring my humble laundry room on your blog.