Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kodak Moments...Sascha's Costume Parade!

Kodak Moments!

Neither boy wanted to be Tonto.

Every Halloween we attempt to line up our wriggling, impatient little ghosts and witches for a quick photo.  Back when film and developing was expensive we didn't have as many pictures of our children as we do in this digital Instagram...quickly post it on Facebook...world.  Since I have been working on family stories, I realized that I have very few pictures of my older children dressed for the costume parade and Trick or Treat...and none of me and my siblings.  Sometimes I wish I could go back in time with a digital camera and recapture all my missed moments.

Cute Little Devils!

Digging through albums, boxes and computer photo files I discovered that the majority of my Halloween snapshots are of my youngest daughter Sascha.  She's had various interesting looks over the years...so I thought it would be kind of fun to put all her strange and unique costumes on my blog for her to see and maybe be embarrassed by.  These are mainly from her high school and college years. 

She called this look "Priestess of Cain."

Danged if I know...lol!

Sailor Moon...this is pretty recent!

Gomez Addams

Demented "Alice."  Not shown...bloody knife in White Rabbit.

Lol!  Still haunting the halls of Lone Peak High.

I miss those days when my children were young and holidays were a joyful madness.  They each had a "scathingly brilliant" costume idea that they forgot to tell me about until just before the big day.  Remember the scramble to find the right accessories the store has been out of for days?  It's amazing what the kids could come up with if you just told them "No, I will not stay up all night and sew your costume!"  Where was Martha Stewart and her brilliant no-sew last minute ideas?

I miss the class parties and costume parades.  Sadly schools are moving away from holiday celebrations and costumes have to be "politically correct."  At my granddaughter's middle school, they can't dress up in costume, but they can wear "tutus" over their jeans.  I bet there will be a lot of really creative little fluffy skirts on Halloween.  Will any boys be bold enough to join them?  We'll see.

Long live costume parades!

Have fun and take pictures!

A Few More Costumes
Weird Al...Halloween 2014
Sascha couldn't decide between Afro Al or Alanis Morrisette Al.

Devil Child
Note to self...do not glue devil horns on with rubber cement!

I have no memory of this!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Haunted Mansion Shadow Box!

Haunted Mansion...How it appears in dreams.
Can you believe how quickly the month of October has passed?  It's practically half over!  I will soon be packing up my Halloween crafting supplies and moving on to Christmas.  I have a lot of gifts and such that I have committed myself to making this year.  I want to start giving more meaningful gifts.  My most treasured gifts in the past have been those that are hand-made. 
I still have a few Halloween topics that I want to blog about...so I will try not to get into Christmas before the Haunted Mansion clock strikes thirteen!  I finally finished putting together the little Disney Halloween display in my office.
Haunted Mansion Holiday...
 Jack Skellington welcomes guests to his Haunted Mansion Holiday.
Shadow box was a wooden tray.
Handles became windows.
Not seen are the teal shutters on the outside...like at Disneyland. 
Putting the scene together.
I found the figures at Disneyland in the toy department of the Emporium.
I bought another set of Snow White figures for a Fairy Garden.
A fun little display to brighten my office!
Target Dollar Spot Craft....

I must have bought every one of these cute wooden signs at my Target.
I almost passed them by until I got the idea to decorate the unpainted back sides.
Wa La! Vintage Post Card Billboards.
I haven't done it yet...but you can make these into billboards that will fit into a Department 56 Halloween Village.  Just add a dowel or two and a base to make it balance.
Some painted stacked spools would work as well.
Two Posts in One Day!
I am on a Roll!
Note: Since horizontal postcards are harder to find...I have included a few of my favorites...enjoy!




Memories of Missy...When She was Your Age, Madison!

"Memories of Melissa"
Little Missy in the Woods...Germany 1980

Missy's Birthday Story
In July I started writing birthday stories for each of my five children.  This is Missy's story.  I will write a little about her birth, then I have an essay I wrote about her when she was in high school. Missy's oldest daughter Madison is a junior in high school.  I want her to know what her mother was like when she was 17.

Sweet 17

Melissa Marie Hatfield was named after her great great grandmother, Melissa Kirby Brown and Marie Osmond.  She was born on Marie's 18th birthday...October 13, 1977.  I wasn't a big fan of the Osmonds, but I loved Marie's outfits on "Donnie and Marie."  (Just this past weekend George and I went to Las Vegas for the weekend and got tickets to "Donnie and Marie" at the Flamingo.  They put on a great show...and Donnie is still a hottie!)

In the spring of 1977 we moved to El Paso, Texas.  George was about to graduate from Army ROTC and Brigham Young University. He had the opportunity to attend an Air Defense Officer Basic Course at Fort Bliss, Texas.  We would have to leave BYU before graduation.  So one day in early April we found ourselves in the Army ROTC Commander's office where George was sworn into the service and commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant.

George is sworn in and commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant

Then it was time to pack up our gear and load up the VW Bug with Baby Amber in the back seat.  We were expecting Baby Missy by then, so she rode with me in the front.  Off we went to begin our Texas adventure. 

Welcome to Fort Bliss

Baby Bump...a week or so to go!

Once we were settled, I checked in at the William Beaumont Army Medical Center.  If I was expecting the personal care of a kindly old physician, I was in for a shock.  I shared my appointment with several dozen women in various stages of baby construction. It felt like a cattle call. "Hurry it up, ladies!" snapped the (former Nazi) nurse with the giant clipboard. "Get in line!"  We got in line to weigh.  We got in line for the Vet to check our teeth.  There was a line for urine testing and a line for blood testing.  I could have sworn that evil nurse had a cattle prod ready for anyone who dallied.  It was like an episode of "Call the Midwife" without the heart and compassion.  I never felt so special.

William Beaumont Army Medical Center
In the end it was all worth it.  My beautiful dark-eyed baby finally made her way into the world...weighing 9 1/2 pounds.

Pretty Baby in Her Blessing Gown

She was only 14 months younger than her sister Amber, but she soon caught up to her in size.  It wasn't long before people were asking us if the girls were twins.  As soon as she was six weeks old  and able to travel on an airliner, we packed up our household goods again and headed to Germany for our next adventure.
Missy at 19
I don't have any pictures of her fashion sense.
Here is the story I wrote when Missy was in high school...

My daughter Missy was recently voted "Best Dressed Girl" at Lehi High School, a fact that still has her parents scratching their heads in bewilderment.  We've always encouraged Melissa to be her own person, to express her creativity and individuality.  Having hated the pressure to "conform" when I was a teenager, I've always stressed that it's not "cool" to be just like everybody else.

Sometimes the hard part about being an individual, is that often, when others fail in their attempts to get you to conform, they then either ignore you or ridicule you.  This has never been much of a problem for Missy.  Her motto is:  "I'd rather be interesting than popular."  Based on Missy's unusual sense of style and fashion, I'd say she is the most interesting girl in America.

We interrupt this story for a sports update...Missy on the Soccer Team!

Missy is very beautiful.  She has huge dark almond-shaped eyes, a clear creamy complexion that doesn't need cosmetics, and dark brown...uh, I mean mahogany, or is that auburn...hair.  Sometimes I think it's called "Magenta Sunset."  It doesn't matter if I do eventually figure out which shade of red it is this week.  Next week, the bathroom will look like the scene of a grisly crime, with mysterious stains on the towels and counter.

"How do you like my new color?" she'll ask.  And I won't know what to say, because no matter what the color is called, it looks exactly the same as the color she tried last week.  But I digress.  I'm supposed to be telling you about Missy's fashion sense.  Here are some of the outfits she has chosen to wear to school:
  • A long velvet gown in deep forest green from "The Lady of Shallot Collection."
  • Man's polyester suit in a rather nasty shade of brown...or is it gray?
  • Blue 1960s prom dress with a train in the back...worn with powder blue running shoes, of course.
  • Bleak black dress from the "Wednesday Addams Collection"...only worn on Wednesdays.
  • Shiny vinyl skirt with a cut-off man's dress shirt, cufflinks and fluorescent orange patent leather platform shoes.
  • Silver mini-dress and accessories from the "Judy Jetson Collection."
  • "Woodstock Collection."
  • "Gas Station Uniform Shirts Collection."
  • For winter..."Fur Coats from the 50s Collection."
Missy's "Collections" have taken over two large closets, stretched dresser space to a critical point, and live in large ominous piles all over her bedroom floor.  I used to cringe every time I saw another sack from "Savers" coming through the door with Missy attached to it.

The good thing about shopping at thrift stores is she never spent more than $10 on an outfit.  But she doesn't shop there much any more.  Ever since the "Best Dressed" thing came out, everyone seems to be buying their clothes at "Savers."  Now it isn't any fun.  What's the use in trying to be different if everyone dresses just like you?

She came home from school one day all upset. "Mom," she said wearily  "I can't believe it.  I wore one of my weirdest new outfits to school and...(sigh)...someone else was wearing one just like it!"

So for a few days at least, Missy has been wearing some fairly ordinary clothes.  But her highly intelligent mind is always busy.  I'm sure she is inventing a new fashion statement that she can't wait to try when she goes to college this fall.  I've bitten my nails to the quick waiting to see what she comes up with.

The Graduate

That was the mid 90s.  Since then Missy has married and has six daughters of her own, each with her own unique personality.  When Missy was small there was a song that always used to make me cry...in fact it still does.  It is about a beloved child who grew up too fast.  Before her mother could turn around...she was grown and had a life of her own.  In my mind, I see my mischievous little girl in her little red German dirndl dress.  On tippy toes, she reaches for the door knob and is gone.

Turn Around
Where are you going, my little one, little one,
Where are you going, my baby, my own?
Turn around and you're two,
Turn around and you're four,
Turn around and you're a young girl going out of my door.
Turn around, turn around,
Turn around and you're a young girl going out of my door.

Little Dirndls and Petticoats
Where are you going, my little one, little one,
Little dirndls and petticoats, where have you gone?
Turn around and you're tiny,
Turn around and you're grown,
Turn around and you're a young wife with babes of your own.
Turn around, turn around,
Turn around, and you're a young wife with babes of your own.
---Malvina Reynolds

Wedding Day...Mount Timpanogos Temple
March 14, 1997

My heart leapt with joy on the day Missy married...I couldn't believe that such a beautiful young woman was my daughter!  What a blessing she has been to her father and me.  

Missy and Madison.

A year and three months later on June 16, 1998,  Missy and her husband Matthew Hyde welcomed their first of six daughters into their family...Madison "Marie" Hyde.

Missy's Birthday Cake...Six Candles!

Happy Birthday, Missy!