Thursday, October 13, 2011

Last of's Time to Move On!

 Is It Time To Move On?
It's still 2 1/2 weeks until Halloween.  I'm ready to move on to other projects...Christmasy projects.  I'm so excited when September comes and I can get the fall stuff out and work on Halloween decor.  I go to the farmers market and "Boo Boutiques" and make pumpkin-flavored everything...I can't get enough of it!  Until one day...I do.

 I love to make gifts for Christmas and plan a theme for decorating.  But you have to plan ahead, or the things you may need will be gone.  That's one of the problems with early Christmas merchandising.  As soon as the last goulish moan fades, the holly jolly chorus begins.  Sometimes sooner; Hobby Lobby has had Christmas in the store since at least August.

I've found that you have to get certain things as soon as you see them.  There have been years when you couldn't find anything with red berries after Thanksgiving.  Those little boxes of glittery snowflakes disappear just as quickly.  With the state of the economy, stores are more careful not to over-order.  I don't blame them for not wanting to sell half of their Christmas inventory for 75% off a day after Christmas.
 As much as I love Halloween...and I adore Halloween...I love Christmas even more.  I have been collecting vinage Christmas decorations for years.  I guess I can be overly sentimental about my childhood and memories of Christmas with my family and grandparents.  Anything that takes me back to those simpler times warms my heart and I can't wait to share it. I don't just decorate with vintage...I love many different styles of decor.  It's just hard to choose sometimes, so I will have different themes in different rooms.
We've remodeled recently, so I have to rethink the "Looky-No-Touchy" room...aka the living room...maybe see about changing some of the decor for that room.  That will be fun!  Something new...maybe.  I get attached to all my decorations and have a hard time not using everything I own.

The table on the right is new.  It replaces the old piano we gave to our son and his sweet wife.  It actually provides more decorating surface...Yay!  That's always a plus!  I guess I've droned on quite enough for one day.  Sometimes blogs get's hard to do one daily I'm discovering.  I have a lot of ideas, but sometimes they aren't ready to be presented.  So if I miss a day here or's just because I'm working on projects that aren't ready yet.

My Goodness!  It's Another Beautiful Day in Utah!
How Blessed are We?



Creative Breathing said...

Shirley, what wonderful holiday decorations you have shared. I especially love the sofa filled with pillows! I have had your very same thought today, time to remove the orange and black, make room for the red and green! I know though if I start too early, I will be blog Christmased out by Thanksgiving. Such a fun post! Elizabeth

Betsy said...

Hi Shirley,

Isn't that so true? I love fall and am always so excited to get everything out and just about the time I have everything in place, I'm ready to think about Christmas. I used to complain about stores putting Christmas out so early, but finally realized that I'd better just get on the bandwagon if I wanted to have what I needed for crafting and decoring.