Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Week's Thrifting Finds!

Christmas Finds...
I'm sharing this weeks thrifting with you because I hate to let the weekend go by without posting something.  This week I've been to two D.I. thrift stores and an antique mall in SLC that I can never  remember the name of...they keep changing it.  I bought the fun wooden ornament at D.I.  You can't see the roof, but it's polka dotted...yay! 50 cents! The two candy boxes were a steal at $3.50 each.  They are pretty old...anywhere from the 30's to the 50's.  My Christmas book didn't show this design.

I usually go to that antique mall before the holidays.  I can usually find some vintage craft supplies like the Santa picks and angel package decorations on the right.  I was told I was a little too early for the best selection.  So I guess I'll be going back in a few weeks.  I also picked up a couple of shabby Japanese houses.  They were fixer-uppers that I'm going to turn into ornies for an ornament swap.

Bluebird of Happiness!
The best thing I found at the antique mall was the Lefton Bluebird pitcher.  I had a small collection of bluebird items that I displayed on the windowsill of my downstairs kitchen.  One dark day...tempted by a partially opened window...three very bad cats decided to make a run for it.  Needless to say, only my cute reproductions survived.  The beastly beasties were curiously unmoved by my sorrow.

This pretty little lady is so sweet!  She is holding a laundry basket.  Wouldn't she make the cutest pin cushion?  Maybe I can find some fabric with little blue forget-me-nots.  She was only 75 cents at D.I.

Another pink and pretty porcelain miss.  She was also only 75 cents.  I love it when the volunteers at the thrift store under-price things.
I found these German Easter baskets on the same shelf as the lady with the laundry basket.  They were in almost perfect condition for 50 cents each.

This last find wasn't from an antique store or a thrift store.  I bought it on Etsy.  I love the shabby decals on the bottles.  The seller only asked $16 for it.  I can't wait to fill the jars with buttons and other odds and ends.  I found a few more odds and ends on my quest, but these were the most interesting...I thought...of my treasures.

Keep looking for your own Bluebird of Happiness,


pattipie said...

Cute, cute cute!! I love the fun stuff. I will be going through some of my stuff to see if I can find some of the cute stuff like yours. I know somewhere in the bowels of my storage room good stuff exists!

Anonymous said...

Love the Bottles! and i love the pin cushions you make so adorable the Pink made will make a sweet one :) (Lisa)

Anonymous said...

Cute stuff, great finds, even greater prices! I love the little lady, my first thought was a soap dish! (Naturally!) Great post, thanks for sharing your treasures with us!

Lynn said...

What great finds and wonderful prices too! That little bluebird is a cutie!Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week!

Betsy said...

Hi Shirley,

I loved seeing your finds--all so cute! I can't believe you found an Avon Prayer Lady for 75 cents! I collect those and have never found one at such a good price. I was actually going to do a post on them one of these days. I think your lady was meant to be a soap dish, but I think it would make a better pincushion!