Saturday, May 23, 2015

Home Sweet Home...The Streets Where We Lived!

Home Sweet Home by Mary Engelbreit.

Mary Engelbreit has drawn so many sweet little cottages.  Each one seems to beckon, saying "Come home!  Sit a spell."  I want to walk up the path and open the front door of this dear little house.  What nooks and crannies will I find to explore?  My Grandma Patta's house was filled with nooks and crannies...and those nooks and crannies contained boxes filled with unknown wonders.  Grandma would "let" me help her sort through those boxes.  So many little treasures found their way home with me.  That house was dear to my heart because my grandparents were there and they loved me!  I visit them often in my dreams.  Home is more than a sweet embroidered sentiment on a pillow...home is where our families are and where our stories begin.  This blog post will probably not be of interest to anyone but members of my family...but that's okay.  This will be a record of all the places this family has called home.

Shirley's Homes...
First Home as a baby...Alpine, Utah
April 7, 1955
We lived upstairs.

100 East American Fork, Utah
Lived Upstairs here as a toddler.
We also lived in a brick duplex on West Main...demolished to build Target.

Alpine, Utah
Lived here Kindergarten through Second Grade

280 North 300 West American Fork, Utah
Third Grade to Junior High.
There was no porch or carport at that time.
Lived in upstairs part of the house.

352 Washington Avenue American Fork, Utah
Junior High until Marriage in 1975
We own this home's been completely remodeled.

George's Homes...
175 North 500 East Spanish Fork, Utah.
George lived here from 1955 to 1971 when he moved to American Fork, Utah
The home was pink when he lived there.

670 East 300 North American Fork, Utah
George moved here in 1971 when his mother married Joseph Ovard.

Our Hatfield Family Homes...
Our First Home!
About 50 South 400 East American Fork
About 1978 the trailer was replaced with a house.

1977 El Paso Apartment on the west side of town.
It was near a Piggly Wiggly...which I thought was hilarious!
Moved here when George was stationed at Fort Bliss as an Army 2nd Lieutenant.

11 Helgolandstrasse 5 Delmenhorst, Germany
We lived on the top floor.

Edewecht, Germany
American housing on Haupt Strasse.
Our apartment was on the ground floor, far left.

Cielo Vista Apartments in El Paso, Texas.
1101 Avalon Drive #C
Lived there in 1981 while our house was being built.
That's me holding Geoff with Missy and Amber nearby.

10708 Georgetown, El Paso, Texas.
Located on the west side of town...near Transmountain Road.
Our first brand-new house.  We didn't live there very long.
Amber's school was right across the street...Omar Bradley Elementary.

10161 North 5890 West Highland, Utah
It's only a few blocks from here, but too lazy to drive by.
Stole picture off Google Street!

Our Dream House
George built it pretty much by himself.
9802 North 5740 West Highland Utah
Just across the old canal from our old neighborhood.
1996 to Present
This was our yard in the 90's

Our Home Away From Home.
Condo, Big Horn at Black Mountain in Henderson, Nevada.
We have owned it for 6 years...and still can't get people to stop parking in our space.

Our Home May 23, 2015

Be it ever so humble... 

Alice Fairy Garden...Very Merry Un-Birthday!

Alice's Teacup Fairy Garden!
She should be wishing us a Merry Un-Birthday!
A Fairy Garden for Daughter Sascha
I bought this teacup planter at Wal-Mart quite a few years ago.  I gave it to Sascha who has loved and collected everything Alice in Wonderland since she was a child.  I thought she might use it in her garden.  A weird cat with a knowing grin told me she wants an Alice Tea Party theme for her wedding someday.  But until I see a ring and get the go-ahead to craft strangely wonderful Alice-related wedding décor, I will have to be content to play Fairy Garden Godmother.

Alice and the Cheshire Cat
Fairy Gardens seem to be everywhere on Pinterest and Facebook.  Many of the craft stores sell the little figures and garden accessories so we all can join in the fun.  My grand daughter McKenzie likes to make a fairy garden each year with her Grandma Hyde...what a fun tradition. They use live plants, while I am more comfortable using silk flowers and grasses.  I can't be trusted with real!  Recently I discovered that Disney character play-sets like Snow White and Alice in Wonderland are just the right size to use in a fairy garden if you are a crazy Disney fan like I am.  

Kenzie's Fairy Garden

A Few Close-ups...Alice's Garden
Tiny cat hides under the mushrooms.

Un-Birthday Cake on a fairy stool table.
A "Very Merry Un-Birthday" to you!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

It's Raining...Come Sit on the Deck!

My Coke Machine Dresser...inspired me to add more color to my deck.
It's been raining for several days...which is nothing new to most people...but we've been in a drought.  So...while the rain isn't spoiling any activity of's a welcome drink of water for this dry western state.  George will have to wait to add the new plants to the flower beds and the rock garden patio area.  I'm glad we didn't have a Mother's Day BBQ Bash planned...we'd be inside and a bit gloomy.  My plans tomorrow are for a trip up the canyon to the Sundance Resort for brunch and the kids will be over later in the day for dessert and visiting.  Sometimes simple is what a mother craves!
I thought a rainy day would be a good time to show some of the changes I made to my covered deck.  I've wanted to add some vintage color and vibe...but I just couldn't get myself to buy update the chair and chaise cushions...those things are expensive!  So for this year, at least, I will be content to just add color in other ways.
New metal signs from Hobby Lobby. 
A "Coke" sign is a given.
I plan to add a Route 66 sign.
A man in Oatman, AZ makes some rustic ones.
I plan to seek him out next visit.
New pillows for the glider.
Chevron was $15 from Target...great price!
I made the patchwork pillow cover in red and aqua.
Lots of fun prints!

Soda Box Gnome Home.
I've had the little door and gnomes for years!

Wooden box of acorns and a sweet bird hidden in the wildflowers.
Nothing is attached I can change things around.

Cute baker's rack display.
I stuck fake geraniums into two vintage canisters.
(I can't be trusted with real flowers)
I found the two canisters in a shed at George's grandma's old farm house.
"Pinned it...and did it!"

Lacy Glass Mushrooms.
Super easy to make...just a tube of glass cement, glass bowls and vases from the thrift store.
Two of these were made from glass light fixture bowls
I found in the same shed as the canisters.
Wish they looked sparklier in the pic.

 Inspired by...
Pin from Design Function.
They look so magical!  I'm not sure where to put mine yet.
That's all for now...

Thursday, May 7, 2015

When I Was Your Age...I Was A Candy Striper!

Candy Striper! 
When I was your age I...

A couple of days ago I was looking through my desk drawer and came across a tiny pin.  The writing was so small that I had to put on my reading glasses to read what was on it. It was my Candy Striper 100 hour pin!  I have no idea how it came to be in that drawer...I received that pin 45 years ago!   

100 Hours of Service

When I was 15 years old, I decided to become a Candy Striper.  I wasn't thinking of a career in medicine at the time.  I thought it would be a fun way to earn service hours for my Young Women's award.   Picking beans on the Church Welfare Farm was one of my least favorite activities...along with babysitting, and cleaning house for my Grandma Zetta. 

American Fork Hospital.
Nursery window is far right of the flagpole.

The local hospital was quite small in the early 70's.  At that time children weren't allowed to visit patients, so I hadn't been able to satisfy my curiosity about "what goes on in a hospital."  When we had a new baby, I stood outside the nursery window with my siblings while a nurse held the baby up to the window.  I had never gotten any further than the lobby and the Pink Ladies' gift shop.  I wanted to follow the sound of the nurse's squeaky shoes down the tiled hallways.  I had  read a few of my mother's "Nurse Nancy" romances and I imagined all sorts of drama and romance. If I was a Candy Striper I could maybe "snoop" around a bit.

Nurse Nancy...Mom took us to the library a lot.

I went to Candy Striper Orientation with a group of my junior high classmates and passed the interview with Mrs. McTague our volunteer coordinator.  We paid dues of $1 per year and were given a pretty pink and white striped pinafore and a booklet.  I don't remember if we paid for the uniform.

This booklet was found in my M.I.A. Treasures of Truth binder.
I found a few other bits and bobs I forgot I had saved.

The Uniform...

The Uniform.

I thought I looked cute in the uniform...but I didn't like the fact that we were supposed to wear nylons.  I thought my white knee socks looked perfectly fine.  I didn't even own any nylons and couldn't afford them.  Mrs. McTague talked to me about it several times.  She was nice, but I never did wear them.

My uniform patch.

How cute I was in the uniform!

My Duties...

I started out by working at the Patient Information desk.  We directed visitors and answered questions.  We took turns delivering flowers to the rooms and filling the water jugs.

Later, I was assigned to work in the kitchen and cafeteria.  I took all the patient menus and tabulated the different choices for the dietician.  Then I changed the menu sign and added in the daily specials.  When it was time for lunch, the information desk girls would help me deliver the food trays.  Sometimes, if the nurses were too busy, we were asked to help feed some of the elderly patients who couldn't handle a spoon or fork.  I liked working in the kitchen...I got free lunch!

My Fellow Volunteers!
We donated a toy chest to the Pediatrics Ward.

Once I had received my 100 hour pin, I was ready to move on...checking the box on my list of things I wanted to do in my life.  I think we each have a "bucket list" of sorts even if we don't call it that.  After volunteering at the hospital, I knew that a medical career was not for me.  I had a lot of interests when I was a teenager.  I had real talent in some things, and in others...not so much.  When you take music lessons, gymnastics, swimming and sports, you are trying things trying on a dress.  Sometimes the dress fits and sometimes it doesn't.  Just don't leave the dressing room until you find the perfect fit for you!

With love from your Grandma,


Monday, April 20, 2015

When We Were Your Age, Madison...We Went To Prom!

When We Were Your Age, Madison! 
George and Shirley...Junior Prom April 21, 1972
"A Time For Us"
Here we are...your grandparents...when we were juniors at American Fork High School.  This was only our second date.  I don't know how we ended up together...he was the most annoying boy in my English class.  One day at school I was in a really, really bad mood.  My so-called boyfriend in Spanish Fork had just broken up with me...said his wrestling coach told him to.  Lame!  In Mrs. Gordon's class, George kept doing little things to get my attention and I kept ignoring him.  Finally he reached over and yanked down one of my knee socks.  Without thinking I punched him in the face!  Mrs. Gordon calmly separated us and told us to behave...she was such a nice lady.

The next day...Saturday...I was walking down Main Street to the library, when I saw him coming out of the boot repair shop.  He was getting his clunky boots repaired.  I felt prompted to go over to him and apologize for popping him one in class.  He was pretty cool about it and we stood there talking for awhile.  I found myself enjoying his company!  He asked if I would like to go for a ride in the old Plymouth he shared with his brother, Daryle.  We drove from one side of the valley to the other...Pleasant Grove to Cedar Fort.  I hardly noticed the drive, we were talking a mile a minute.  

Back in school, George was his usual obnoxious self.  Why do boys do that...act like they don't care?  He asked me, "Do you want to see the Godfather movie?"  I said I did.  "Then you better find someone to take you, then," he smirked.  I almost punched him again!  But he did take me to see that movie...we took our own popcorn and pretended to be BYU students so we could get into an R-rated movie.  Not the most wholesome of first dates...right?  I hated the movie, but I was starting to like George.  When he asked me to Prom...I said yes!

Madison and Date...2015 Sweetheart Dance 

About Madison
Madison is the oldest of my 8 granddaughters.  She is a junior at Skyline High School in Idaho Falls and is a photographer on the yearbook staff.  It seems like only yesterday that she was my first grandchild.  I can hardly believe how fast the years have passed by.  Madison is beautiful and quirky...and I can't wait to see what she does with her life.  Now she is enoying her high school years and going to dances.  I thought it would be fun to tell her and my other granddaughters what dances were like when George and I were in high  school. 

Treasures From the Cedar Chest

My corsage from Prom 1973.
I hardly ever look in the bottom drawer of my cedar's in Sascha's room.  My parents bought the chest for me for graduation.  It was the custom in those days for a young lady to use the chest to store keepsakes and items collected for her wedding "Trousseau."  I keep my wedding dress in there, protected from dust and insects by the cedar lining.  It's quite large...I wanted it to look like a stereo cabinet, so I could have a nice piece of furniture for my future living room.

My bedroom showing the cedar chest.
Dance photo from Military Ball at BYU dates this to 1975.

Recently I looked in the bottom drawer of the cedar chest and found a florist box containing a corsage, our dance pictures and three dance programs.  The corsage was made of dried flowers...George's idea.  He thought it would last for years and be something to remember him by.  Ever practical, he insisted that our wedding bouquets also be dried flowers.  He has always had a cheap economical heart. 

Dance programs from Junior Prom, Pep Club Formal, and Senior Hop.
All are from my senior year. 

At some point during our senior year, along with our friends from Drama Club, we decided to rebel against some of the dance customs.  Prom in the 70's wasn't the all-day affair filled with games, activities and formal dinners hosted by someone's parents.  There were no contests to see who could issue the most creative invitation...Pinterest hadn't been invented yet. 

For the Senior Hop we decided not to buy new dresses or rent tuxes.  Flowers and boutonnieres would be simple.  We found out that it was just as much fun and not nearly as expensive.  I couldn't afford the Gunne Sax dresses that were popular, so I made my own.  When we followed the rebel plan for some of the other dances, I wore a couple of dresses more than once. And George wore that same blue polyester suit and tie I helped him pick out.   Polyester...what was the fashion world thinking?

Senior Hop November 17, 1972

Senior Hop was the dance where we first "rebelled." I wore my dress from the first Junior Prom.  It was a lot less stressful not having to go to a salon to put my hair up and, because George didn't rent a tux, we could actually afford to go out to a nice restaurant with our friends.

Pep Club Formal December 2, 1972
"One Love"

We took a break from the "rebellion" for Pep Club Formal.  I was on the committee and had painted a mural for the entrance.  Everything had to be just right.  I made a new dress and did my own hair.  George wore a tux for the last time until our wedding.  To be fair, he looked very handsome in his ROTC uniform at the Military Ball during our college years.

Pep Club Formal Committee...I'm the second one on the back row. 

Junior Prom April 20, 1973
"Pieces of April"

Finally, back to where it all started...Prom.  For Christmas I had made George a bank that looked just like a giant Tootsie Roll...and filled it full of miniature Tootsie Rolls.  He promised that we could go to Prom in April if we could save enough money for the dance, dinner and pictures.  It was fun to count our change every few weeks to see how much we had.  I didn't contribute too much...I hardly ever had spending money left over from my allowance.  But we managed to have enough by the time April rolled around. This is just another example of George's frugal economically wise ways...he was always the man with the "five year plan!"

Mural for 1972 Junior Prom.
I painted the rocks on the rock wall...such talent!

The theme for our 1972 Junior Prom was "A Time For Us," the love theme from the 1968 movie "Romeo and Juliet."  That movie was a big deal for us...the most romantic movie of our teenage years.  The movie's star, Olivia Hussey, influenced even the style of many of our Prom dresses...long-sleeved and high-waisted.  Dresses were much more modest then.  We would have been scandalized if someone showed up in a dress with spaghetti straps!  It was rumored that some girl had...but I didn't see her.

Seventeen from May of 1973...Prom Issue
Are high school girls still inspired by this magazine?

That was us, Madison, back in the days of the cavemen...actually we were the American Fork Cavemen!  Times, customs and fashions may have changed, but more than forty years later I would still go to Prom with George, my high school sweetheart!  Maybe we can be chaperones at your Prom!

Grandma Shirley