Monday, August 22, 2011

We are Back in Town and Ready to Blog!

Hello, friends!  I just barely got home from our weekend at the House of Mouse.  I have an annual pass so we get to go about once a month.  My excuse this time is that I had to shop for my fall wardrobe. =D If you know me, you know that half of my clothes have a Mickey on them somewhere.  When I get older I will be that eccentric old woman who wears a Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and talks to herself.  

Tomorrow I will have more time to sit down and learn to insert pictures.  I have so many things I would like to share with you:  canning tips and recipes, crafts, vintage thrift store goodies, holiday decor.  The sky's the limit.  Feel free to post your feedback and ideas for things you would like to see, and let me know what help I can give you as you work on your preparedness goals.  We'll work on them together!

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Cindy said...

Girl I am a Disney Lover also!!!!

We are getting to go to Disneyworld this coming May...with my daughter and her family...I am thrilled. I have started exercising for all the walking.

The rest of my clan doesn't know she doing this or that we are

I am adopted and I found my birth sister 5 years ago...she is a Disney nut also. We exchange Disney figurines for our Christmas to each other.

Hugs Cindy