Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life is a Fiesta!

We all have a little collector bug living inside us.  What do you collect?  My sister Patti, collects vintage tablecloths, "Crap I've Made" blogger Char, collects Pyrex bowls and casseroles http://crapi', and my daughter Sascha collects "Alice in Wonderland" themed dolls.  I collect too many things, but my all- time favorite is Fiesta dinnerware.

Fun, colorful Fiesta has been charming homemakers since 1936 when it was introduced by Homer Laughlin Pottery at the Pottery and Glass Show in Pittsburg.   It was cheerful, inexpensive and came with almost unlimited accessories and "go alongs" like glassware, flatware, and serving pieces.  Just the thing to help brighten the gloom of the Great Depression. One of the things that makes me extremely loyal to the brand is that they are now, and have always been, "Made in the U.S.A!" I started collecting Fiesta more than a decade ago.  I love how they come out with a new color a couple of times a year.  My favorite color...of Scarlet! =D

These are my everyday dishes.  Most of what you see is Fiesta.

This hutch features vintage Fiesta pieces, with a few modern plates.
Some of the cream, patterned china was designed by other companies to "go along" with Fiesta

Fiesta is available at Macys, Kohls, and other major department stores. If you are interested in collecting vintage Fiesta, The Collector's Encyclopedia of Fiesta can be found on  Maybe your library will have a copy.  O-Lay!



Anonymous said...

Maybe you've got a collectible radioactive plate in the mix?

'Brilliant red Fiesta (and indeed the red glazes produced by all U.S. potteries of the era) is known for having a detectable amount of uranium oxide in its glaze, which produced the orange-red color. During WWII, the government took control of uranium for development of the atom bomb, and confiscated the company's stocks. Homer Laughlin discontinued Fiesta red in 1944.'

Shirley said...

I think I have a few teacups and saucers and a pitcher. I love that brilliant shade, but they are hard to find. =D