Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Collecting Vintage Potholders is Fun!

A fun way to add color to any kitchen is a display of vintage potholders.  Back in Grandma Zetta's day they were a staple in every girl's hope chest.  Cute and colorful and easy to crochet, Grandma could whip one out watching Lawrence Welk, her favorite show.  Mostly she preferred practical patterns.  Because potholders were so popular, they can still be found at yard sales, thrift stores and antique malls.  And best of all...they are inexpensive!

The colors and shapes of vintage potholder are almost endless:  flowers, fruits & vegetables, baskets, frilly little dresses and even...his & hers underpants. =D There were countless instruction books with lots of kitschy patterns.  Some may still be available at thrift stores like Deseret Industries or Savers.  I came across a collectors book that gives a lot of information on collecting and valuing your finds.  I found it on

Don't you love the title? =D I prefer red and white designs, but yellow is fun and so is turquoise.  Red was a rare color because the red was not colorfast.  You can imagine the rejoicing when colorfast red cotton became available!   One more pic before I call it a morning...These potholders hang in my laundry room.



missyhyde said...
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Shirley Hatfield said...

Missy's comment was a test to help me with some comment issues.

Cindy said...

Shirley I grab these cuties up anytime I find them!!

May I ask what are the potholders hanging off looks cute!

PS. I am getting to know you by reading past post...what I do on Friday

Hugs Cindy