Friday, August 26, 2011

Simple Hat Stand...Fancy Hat!

I bought this pretty little hat at Disneyland last week.  It's only about 5 inches tall.  The darling cameo is Tinkerbell.  Her wings and roses are on the back.  I decided to make a hat stand to display it.

These are some of the supplies I used: an 11" tall wooden candlestick, two routed-edge wooden rounds, 4" and 6",  and a round moon face I printed on cardstock.  The clock face pictured will be used in a shorter hatstand I will make next.  I used antique white paint and stained it with a wash of nutmeg brown.  I tried using one-step crackle, but it didn't have the effect I wanted.  I painted the pieces before assembly.

I modge-podged the moon face to the top of the stand.  I doesn't show when the hat is on it, but I think it looks cool. =D  I added a wee bit of nutmeg brown paint to the modge-podge to further antique the print.

Wa-La!  The finished product!  The stand can be used to display any number of cute things...even...One. Perfect. Cupcake!

The images I used. You can right click on images and save. 
Have Fun!

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Heidi said...

Cute! I love your new blog... thanks for sharing!