Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Sparkly Pumpkin!

I finally finished the smaller hat stand that I posted about last month.  I thought it would be the perfect display stand for a fancy pumpkin.   Wednesday,  I saw a really nice tutorial posted on  Her glitter pumpkin was simply beautiful!  But of course I just used her instructions as a starting point.
The instructions are super simple:
  • White pumpkin.  $3 at Target.  Yes, they are putting up the Halloween displays now.
  • Take out stem and paint it black.  Brush with modge-podge and sprinkle with black glitter.
  • Paint entire pumpkin with modge-podge and sprinkle with white glitter.  I did it one section at a time.
  • When glitter dries, hot glue black rick-rack along pumpkin ridges almost to the stem hole.  The stem will cover the ends of the rick-rack.
  • I printed some old sheet music to both sides of two sheets of cardstock and cut out leaves.  I got the sheet music from
  • Replace the stem with a dab of hot glue. Position the leaves next to the stem and hot glue.
  • I made the curly things from silver pipe cleaners and hot glued them next to the stem.
See how simple.  I never thought to photograph the stages while I was making the pumpkin, because I'm not used to blogging about my projects.  I'll do better in the future...I hope.

Black Cat Candle Holders
Just one more item to share with vintage black cat candle holders.  I made them from paper clay and those little wooden candle holders from the crafts store.  This is one of those projects that I make once and...give up!

Have a Happy Halloween Crafting Season!


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