Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Antiquing Day! And More Halloween Decor!

I had a great day.  My sister, Patti, and I went to the antique mall in Springville.  I've been looking for some vintage baby shoes to make some pretty pincushions.  I saw one I loved on one of my favorite blogs,
"The Feathered Nest"

 Isn't it precious? 
Dawn sells her professional-quality tutorials on Etsy.

I found the exact shoes at D.I. for $1 for the pair.
The Pixie Elf planter will also become a pincushion.

Here are two I saw for sale that were quite pretty.

 The vendor who put these potholders up for sale doesn't charge enough for her treasures.
The dress was only $2.75 and the round yellow one was only $1.
Note:  One of the vendors suggested that a clothesline of little dresses and panties would look cute as a garland.

This shadow box was a fun thing to find.  It was less than $10 and the vintage pins and buttons are worth more than that!  This will go on my sewing room wall.

You've seen my Halloween lantern collection.  Wait 'til you get a load of my vintage Santas and Snowmen!
These 1968 Santas are in almost new condition.  And they were a steal at $2 each at D.I.

I didn't need this child's doll suitcase, but I couldn't resist the graphics.
Maybe I'll use it to store lace and trims.

 More Halloween Decor and Giveaway Reminder
I've made a promise to myself to take it easy on the Halloween displays.  Less is more...right?  I've decided to limit myself to a few really great pieces in the living room...that looky-no-touchy room that never gets used.  But the family room is getting the whole enchilada.

The top half of my antique hutch. 
The bottom had a reflection issue with a mirror.
It's a start! More later.

Giveaway Reminder...
The Halloween Rag Runner Giveaway ends Sunday at Midnight.
Leave a comment in the Comment Box on Wednesday's Rag Runner post to enter.

Has anyone gone up the canyon yet to see if the leaves are changing?

Sweet Halloween Bear

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