Monday, September 12, 2011

Halloween Lantern Collection!

I would love to have a huge collection of vintage Halloween decorations, but they are hard to find and can be expensive.  One exception are those funky plastic blowmold lanterns from the 60s and 70s.  As a child I was delighted to see them lighting a neighbor's windows.  I never realized how many different designs existed.  Most of my lanterns are still in working condition and most cost only from $1-$5 at the D.I. or Savers.  Some are duplicates and some are more faded than others.   I don't know why, but seeing them all lit up at night makes me happy!  If you have happy memories of these simple lights, try visiting your local thrift stores and maybe a few late season yard sales.
 This bright orange owl is my favorite.  I found it "new in package" on eBay.

 Cute Ghost with Jack-o'-Lantern

Three Faded, But Well-Loved Pumpkin Heads

I Love the Witch with Jack-O'Lantern

Have fun getting ready for Halloween!

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