Friday, October 5, 2012


Witch Fest and a Swap...
Saturday was the perfect fall day.  Sunny, with blue skies and just a hint of crispness to the air.  It was the perfect day for a Mom and Daughter shopping trip to Gardner Village for Witch Fest.  Halloween wouldn't be the same without a visit to the old flour mill whose roots are deep in Utah history.  I especially love to visit there during the Christmas season when the grounds of the complex are taken over by hoards of Santa's elves.  The elves aren't the only invaders. September and October finds the village in the hands of dozens of wicked witches...each with her own personality.  Maybe they aren't so wicked after all...the children who visit them seem to be under their spell!

Gardner Village...

A Picture from their website Gardner Village 
Gardner Village is a fun restautant and shopping complex located on the site of Archibald Gardner's Mill in West Jordan, Utah.  Try to imagine a large grist mill, mattress factory, broom factory, blacksmith shop and general store.  Gardner, who was born in Kilsythe, Scotland, was one of the original settlers of Utah in 1847, when the first wave of Mormon pioneers arrived in the Salt Lake Valley.
In addition to the huge mill itself, there is a small "Village"of shops .
The owners purchased and moved historic homes and buildings to create a cozy village with a stream and covered bridges.  The Gardner Mill is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Witches Invade the Mill...
Hey, how's it goin'?
Someone mis-filed her flight plan.

Mill Wheel diving contest.

Dosey Doe and away we go!

Red Hat Society membership chairwoman.
I'll get you, my pretty...and your little dog too!

Waiting for tasty children...

A leisurely cruise...

Hula Hoop Queen...

Scareport...Broomstick Airlines...


Sascha and Amber.
Lunch at Archibald's Restaurant.
Each booth features a picture of one of his 11 wives.
They had 48 children and today there are over 10,000 descendants!
I have 13.
 Witchy Hat Swap!
These are the favorite things!
The cutest and most amazing hat from Viv at Viv Out on a Whim.
I had so much fun swapping with her...she's so dang cute!

A Prized Possession!
I was thrilled to get one of Viv's Candy Corn Girlies.

I love this!  A Halloween Cracker filled with treats!
I want to make Christmas ones.
Off for another Witchy Day!
Taking my granddaughters to see the witches at Gardner Mill.
I can't get enough of Halloween fun!



Looks like much FUN! Watch out!!!
Awesome hat from Viv and nice extras too! You and Viv have Much talent!
Happy Weekend!

Dorothy said...

What a fun time with all those witches! Loved that hat from Vivian too!

chris mckinley said...

Looks like Gardner Village does it up right for Halloween!! Viv's hat is too fun and what a lucky gal to receive on of her Candy Corn Girlies....a real treasure!! Have fun with your grands!!!


vintage grey said...

What a fun place to visit!! Love all the witches!! Such a pretty Halloween hat!! Happy weekend to you!! xo Heather

HollyC said...

What fun! Such a creative town. I love your hat from Viv. It's perfect. I have enjoyed looking at all the hats. Have a great Sunday! Holly

Little Susie Home Maker said...

That looked like a fun outing! All the witches, how great. Viv did a great job, you got a neat exchange! Hope you are doing great,come visit me some time.

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

This looks like SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much FUN!!!!! I am so happy to see you today! I have been a bit mia in visiting all my friends and hanging my head in shame : ( Life has just been crazy -- but know you are in my thoughts and prayers always...when i saw your name I did a little jig or as close to a jig that an Italian girl from Jersey can do! lol!!!! sending you tons of hugs!!! said...

What a fun look place! All of the witches are so great ~ especially to splattered one on the silo!


Linda said...

adorable photos! I especially love the Red Hat one....I am a Red hatter.

mississippi artist said...

Loved all the witches. This looked like a fun day!