Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Vintage Christmas Tree Box!

One Week More...
Only one more week and I can officially start decorating for Christmas!  If I could leave it up all year I would.  I choose the colors of my home to harmonize with the colors of the season...can't have a jolt of neon orange spoiling my plans!  I don't know what I did before Pinterest...probably came up with my own original ideas!  LOL!  But sometimes you need a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing. 
Inspired by Pinterest...
I fell in love with this beautiful box by J. Nichelle.
I almost fell on the's Christmas on steroids!
My Christmas Tree Box.
It's ginormous...almost 3 feet tall.

I had the box and the Noel Angels at hand.
I found the little fence in my workshop.

I made lamp posts for the little lanterns and refurbished the little tree.

Found this little guy in a bag of vintage ornaments at the D.I. thrift store.
The tree ornaments are mostly vintage, filled in with a few new items.

Plastic Santa was in same bag...a lucky find!
I loved the snowy look of the original box...but the bright colors of a vintage Christmas make me the happiest!
I can't wait to put this on my kitchen table next week!
Happy Christmas Crafting!


chris mckinley said...

Oh my goodness!! Your Christmas Tree Box is amazing!! Love it!! And where might I ask is your red and white tile? Love red!!!


E said...

Wow Wow Wow :) You did a great job, what a nice piece! Those little Noel angles were just waiting for this :) Elaine

Dorothy said...

Oh my goodness!! You outdid yourself this time, Shirley! Your Christmas Tree Box is beautiful, I love love love it!

Old Fashioned Gal said...

Wow, this is gorgeous! You did a beautiful job on re-creating your Pinterest inspiration!
I LOVE all of your vintage ornaments! Lovely! :)

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Too, too CUTE! ;)

A Vintage Chic said...

I LOVE your tree, Shirley! I think I need to try one of VERY vintage Christmas!

Thanks so much for all of your sweet visits, my friend--it means so much to me! I'm trying to be a better visitor--it's been a very busy summer (and fall!)

I enjoy all your pins on Pinterest, as well--isn't that the most wonderful place?!

Wishing you a beautiful day, dear friend!


GardenofDaisies said...

That is really cute! I love all the inspirational pictures and projects that we are able to find and save on our pinterests boards.

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi, Shirley!
Woweeeeee....Your tree is just wonderful! I love all the vintage details. I feel like I've stepped back in time to the 1950s. the little white picket fence is darling and your N.O.E.L is the crowning touch.
I cave in and decorate for the Fall..but, oh, how I love it when the RED decorations appear across the blogs of America!
Thanks for visiting and leaving such a thoughtful comment, my sweet friend.
Have a great day,
Carolynn xo

My Vintage Mending said...

Shirley...this is so cute...I love it. You always do such a wonderful job with your crafts...thank you for the inspiration. Smiles..Renee

Creative Breathing said...

OH NO Shirley! No you know we are all going to have to have a Christmas Tree box. My budget needs some serious stretching.
You are simply inspiring my friend. Always something special to be found here! Elizabeth

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I'm blown away! Like Elizabeth said...We are all going to be making one of these! Yours is just too neat Shirley! OK, adding some more things to my shopping list!
Erica :)

vintage grey said...

Wow, I LOVE it!! So beautiful and sweet!! Great job! xo Heather

LBP said...

Oh My Goodness! That is definitely going on my to do list! Your tree turned out just perfect. Just Perfect!

I can't wait until next weekend either! My "new" (old) white Christmas tree is going up in the kitchen!!! Stay tuned!



Mrs. Cozy Home said...

These are INCREDIBLE! I am so impressed!

Tresa said...

My goodness, it's lovely! All of your work is lovely and you have a lovely personality to match! I love the picket fence..I love it all!

Cheryl said...

Your decorating so soon for Christmas? I'm going to have to start calling you "Walmart" lol (they have there Christmas stuff out already!)
big hugs,
p.s..... that Christmas box is darling! You rock!

HollyC said...

Your tree is just the cutest thing! I can't believe that you had the NOEL figurines. Those are too cute. I love pinterest too! Decorating for Christmas in a week? You make me feel so much better. Ususally I start the week before Thanksgiving and my family loves to protest. But, like you I love the colors! Have a wonderful night!

ImagiMeri said...

Oh Shirley, that's beautiful....well done you.

What do you store in the box?


Jenny's Heart said...


Tammy's in Love said...

Good Gracious! No wonder you were on pins and needles wanting to finish the 'big project' last time we talked! LOVE IT! That is the best use of vintage cards, Christmas and creativity!!!!

mississippi artist said...

I love your Christmas tree box. I have never heard of one. You did a great job-you should sell them!