Friday, October 12, 2012

Early Christmas Crafting...and a Sneak Peek!

Getting a Head Start...
I think that crafters can be forgiven for getting a headstart on Christmas crafting.  There are boutique booths to stock and Etsy shops to fill.  It's frustrating to have so many great ideas, but the necessary supplies haven't hit the stores yet.  I am itching to visit my favorite antique mall in Salt Lake City for vintage doodads.  Unlike eBay, the vendors at this mall are pretty reasonable on their prices.  I am so jealous of bloggers like Magpie Ethel who has hit the jackpot this year at many estate sales...which are not common around here.  Go visit her blog and try not to drool over all her vintage crafting supplies...and then see what she's created and listed on Etsy...Amazing!

Kleine Deutsche Dorf...
My Little German Village.
Although it has been more than thirty years since I lived in Germany, I am still in love with the Christmas decorations and customs.  I was a newlywed when we moved most of my first Christmas ornaments were purchased there.  In a future post I will share some of my treasures.  This little village did not come home with me from Germany.  It is put together from thrift store finds and pieces of a tiny German village I have had for awhile.

The wooden display "house" I repainted, is only 9 1/2 " tall.
The little people are less than 1".
I added white polkadots to the tree and the tree base.
The little Danish girl was a souvenir from Epcot.

The angel is made in Japan...but looks German.
The colors are so bright and cheerful...they recall so many happy memories.
Sneak Peek...Shadow Box Swap

Believe it or not...this picture inspired the theme of my boxes.
Can you guess what it is?
Elizabeth of Creative Breathing is hosting this fun swap!

This is the box I made for me...
I won't reveal the 12 two are just alike!

I envisioned Department Store windows...
...and shopping for Christmas supplies and decorations!

I love the tiny gingerbread cookie men!
The shadow boxes...made from Whitman candy boxes...are only 2.5" by 3.5"
How I love miniature worlds!
I have mentioned several times that it is a fantasy of mine to travel back in time and go shopping!  I don't want expensive things...just the Christmas toys and decorations of my childhood.  I hope the other swappers will like my boxes.  I couldn't wait until December 1 to post a bit about it...though I know it's like opening your presents before December 25th!  I hope to get these in the mail in the next few days...then I can clean off my kitchen counter!


Jennifer Pearson Vanier said...

What wonderful pieces. Both the special items you h ave for yourself and the teasers of what you have created for others. I too have always longed to "go back" and visit the toy shops of the past.

Dorothy said...

Hi Shirley, I've always loved Shadow Boxes and yours are perfect! Have a great weekend!

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Shirley,
Oh...Just look at those tiny polka dots! I know you will be sharing your Christmas arrangements before we know it...and, I can hardly wait.
Have a happy day, my friend,
Carolynn xoxo


Hi Shirley,
Your little village is darling!
LOVE your shadow box and I may give it a try! I did buy a mini box! I need to "challenge" myself!
Thanks for sharing yours.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Awesome Shirley! I love your German decorations and the way you added the polka dots is just so cute! Wouldn't it be fun to go back in time to shop! I would want to go with you. The little shadow boxes are great! I have never tried this before! What a fun idea, you are so talented!

Tammy's in Love said...

Hi you! I finished my boxes too and told E I will mail them on Monday! Wouldn't it be fun if EVERYONE sent them to her early so we could all see them!? Love your teaser!

Perfectly Printed said...

I can't wait to see your shadow boxes finished!! Love all your work!!


vintage grey said...

Love your German Village! Too cute, and your shadow box is beautiful! Love all the special touches! Happy crafting! xo Heather

Jann Olson said...

Oh my gosh Shirley, I am in love with the shadow boxes. I would have loved to have done that swap. Although good thing I didn't know about it. Been way crazy around here for the past month. Our youngest daughter and her hubby stayed with us a month before leaving for Spain last week. Your German decorations are so wonderful. Our youngest son served a mission in Austria and we visited Germany a week before picking him up. I love the little German villages!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh I love your little village! The dots make it perfect!

seeing your box makes me feel happy! And that's what it's all about- right?! ♥

Dorothy Prudie Vintage said...

I just love the German Christmas items. I collect the German Putz houses. My collection is not big, but I do love the little them.

RetroSandie said...

Hi Shirley!! I love your little shadow boxes. I am in on this swap, too, and still working on mine! You little German Village is sooo cute! I'm with you on the going back in time and shopping...I would make sure I took everything from my childhood, plus my mum's blonde mahogany furniture, and the aluminum tree and color wheel!! All those neat dolls from the 50's! Yippee!!! LOL

DearHelenHartman said...

That certainly put me in the Christmas mood! So sweet, it's like a sugary frosted memory. Hmmm, now I'm hungry...

LBP said...

Would you believe I turned my computer "radio" to the Christmas channel this morning! I love you shadow boxes. I made a couple last week! I love making the ones from the Whitman Sampler boxes!



✿Carol✿ said...

You've gone and gotten me all excited for Christmas, and I agree, it seems to take the antique stores around here forever to get that stuff displayed! Love that village and your sweet little shadowbox!

Lynn Stevens said...

Shirley your Christmas Creations are
so darling!! Brings back memories of Christmas past. I'd like to take that trip back with you to find those little treasures.
Your swap partners will love these.
Hugs Lynn said...

Shirley, your German village and your shadow box are darling! Happy crafting:)


Creative Breathing said...

Bibsby's Department Store where all the cutest ornaments can be found!!! Oh my gosh! I can't wait to see your ornaments in person!
Oh do please share your newlywed ornaments. What a sweet memory. This is the absolute cutest makeover I have ever seen. I now associate you with polka dots and cute!
Shirley you are so talented! Elizabeth

Cheryl said...

I just bought a bag full of wooden ornaments. Funny how your drawn to different things at different ages... I love your little shadow boxes, beautiful!
big hugs,

Elizabethvgpn said...

Hi Shirley, Oh...Just look at those tiny polka dots! I know you will be sharing your Christmas arrangements before we know it...and, I can hardly wait. Have a happy day, my friend, Blessings, Carolynn xoxo