Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween...Germany 1980!

Have the Happiest of Halloweens!
Our first family Halloween party...Germany 1980.
Amber and Missy as hurriedly-put-together Rag Dolls.
I miss these sweet little girls...they're all grown up now.
The little munchkin on the right has six little dolls of her own.
Halloween wasn't celebrated where we we few Americans made our own fun!
Luckily the PX carried a few decorations.
Have a Fun Night!!


chris mckinley said...

What cute girls!!! Happy Halloween!!



Your little girls are very sweet!!! Don't they grow quickly!
I almost missed your AWESOME!!! Christmas box! WOW!!! I love the old goodies you used! It's just so cool!
I'm working on your putz house. Gave it 1 coat of paint and think it needs another little mind is on overload thinking about how to decorate it!

vintage grey said...

Too precious!! Happy Halloween! xo Heather

Pollyanna said...

What a wonderful experience to live abroad when your children were young ... sounds like you loved the memories you made there, what a great Halloween! Your girls are adorable, by the way.

Old Fashioned Gal said...

I was born in 1980!! Ironic! We were stationed in Wildflecken, Germany but I was born in Wurzburg Bovaria. Small world! :)

Dorothy said...

Sweet little girls, you are blessed! Adorable.

Sandy said...

OMG....your sweet little girls are adorable!!!!! I miss my little boys on holidays liek Halloween....and Christmas, it was such fun! Now, it is just the 4 of us and wonderful to be together, but I miss the little boys....:) Sandy

HollyC said...

They are adorable! I too was RA one year for Halloween. My mom was very creative, she even made me a Mickey Mouse club uniform w/ my name on the shirt! I believe that I was 4 and I still remember. I bet your daughters still remember their RA year! Fun times! Have a great weekend! ~Holly

Michael Spellman said...

What cute girls!!! Happy Halloween!! chris