Friday, May 13, 2016

Vintage Vacation "Fairy Garden"...Yellowstone!

I have been in love with Yellowstone since I was a little girl. My memories of the family vacation we took there are like an old post card... worn on the edges, a bit faded and in soft focus. Yellowstone was the topic of my first Vintage Vacations that I posted on this blog.  The link is on the sidebar under Featured Post if you would like to travel there again.  There you will find some of the post cards and vintage souvenirs I have collected over the years.

Currently, my favorite things to make are Fairy Gardens...those fun and magical miniature landscapes found all over the Pinterest Galaxy.  My versions, however, don't use live plants and aren't found in my back yard or garden.  Because I cannot be trusted with living plants...they would die of neglect! So I use quirky containers and fake flowers and greenery to create little vignettes.  Last spring about this time I made my daughter Sascha an Alice in Wonderland fairy garden in a giant teacup and saucer.  Find it here: Alice's Merry Un-Birthday!  

Yesterday I came across this plaid Ohio Arts lunchbox that was a gift from my friend Tammy.  I had used it for a Christmas vignette, but like a bolt out of the blue I "saw" in my mind what it could become.  I am so grateful for these kinds of "crafting mojo" has been a bit on the fritz.
Who knows... if you like this one, maybe there will be a series of vacation fairy gardens in the future.

A Miniature Vintage Vacation!
Yellowstone Fairy Garden.
The trailer and chairs were a gift from my daughter Missy!
I used a post card graphic to line the inside of the lid.
A rustic pole gate is the entrance to the camp ground.

Side View.
I found the trees at Hobby Lobby on the aisle where they sell train miniatures.
They have quite a variety of trees, plants and greenery.

Back of the lid is a collage of Yellowstone graphics.
I prop the lid open with a rustic "log."

Don't Feed the Bears!
This little bear is one of a pair of souvenir shakers from Yellowstone.
He seems sad to find that sign on his favorite tree stump.

View from above.
It doesn't take much to create this simple vignette.

Fairy Garden Wreath
Fairy Garden Wreath from a Walmart wreath.
The mossy wreath was covered in pretty good fake succulents.
I added a few flowers and a rustic "measuring tape" ribbon.

It only took a few minutes to glue a little fence to the back.
Then I added dotty red mushrooms,  Seven Dwarf cake toppers and a wee bunny.

I adore these little fellows.

Circus Cloche
Circus cloche.
My crafting group made chicken wire cloches to put over plants.
Mine showcases a circus elephant.

The cloche joins the summer circus that will be on display for most of the summer in my living room.

Hope you enjoyed this miniature Vintage Vacation!



Love the fairy garden in the lunch box! You make the sweetest things.

Sandy McClay said...

Shirley, Shirley, Shirley! You are amazing! You should do clasees on these mini scenes! LOVE it, all of it!

Hugs, Sandy

Tammy's in Love said...

Absolutely adorable!! Now I might have to do mine too!

Margaret said...

Love Love Love it all!!! Caitlin is working on a fairy garden. I just love all your crafdts. I get so inspired! Maggie

Musings from Kim K. said...

This post totally makes my day! I love it all. Absolutely EVERY SINGLE IDEA! I'm going to share this with my mom and sis too. You really do make the sweetest vintage inspired treasures!

The Bluebird Camper said...

I lOvE the circus idea. I can't wait to set one up for my home/kiddo's!!! Lissa~Lu

Jann Olson said...

Gosh, how did I miss this? That Yellowstone scene is just absolutely darling!!

Kim Holmes said...

You are always amazing!

Kim Holmes said...

You are always amazing!

Patti said...

Love it! I'd love to watch you create someday!