Thursday, June 2, 2016

Summer Crafting...Spice Tin Uncle Sam!

Spice Tin Uncle Sam!
My crafting group is getting together later this month to create quirky Uncle Sams using vintage tins and whatnot for one-of-a-kind patriotic decor.  I am still working on gathering together the elements I will need for the group project.  We plan to make the heads out of paper clay or oven-dry clay.  I have my head almost ready...which is the big thing to cross off the list.  In the meantime I found a cute bobble-head Uncle Sam at Hobby Lobby.  The head was just the right size to use with an old spice tin I had in my stash.  Yay!  Something fun to make to get in the spirit for Craft Day.

Sam is about 8 inches tall, not including the stand.
I aged the head with watered down brown paint.
His legs are wooden spools with pop bottle caps for feet.

I don't know what those electrical thingies are for, but
they work just right for hands.
I got a whole bag of different sizes and colors for $1 at a fleamarket.

Sam's little drum is a wooden Christmas ornament.

I found a couple of great Bingo cards in my stash that were perfect
for a patriotic wall hanger.

First Creepy Crafty of 2016...
This is Mothra.
She is created from an Avon Mothicide tin.
She is a little over 7 inches tall.

Fun use for my rusty calipers I found last spring.
The wings are rusty hearts.

Side view of Mothra's green tongue.
She was a lot of fun to create.
It's always Halloween in my head.

This was just a quick post before we leave for our Granddaughter Madison's graduation.  I can't believe our little girl is almost 18!  Tomorrow we'll head for Yellowstone for a couple of days...I can't wait.  It's one of my favorite Vintage Vacations!


Tammy's in Love said...

Flag thyme!! I always love your tin creations! Sam is my favorite!


I still want to craft with you! So creative!

A Little Creation said...

I love creepy crafty!
Chris =]

vivian said...

Loving your uncle Sam! I really need to do some crafting soon! I havent in sooo long!
have a great weekend!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I've been missing my craft room. Always inspired after visiting your blog!!

Jann Olson said...

Your creations are always just fabulous Shirley! What talent you have!!