Saturday, May 23, 2015

Alice Fairy Garden...Very Merry Un-Birthday!

Alice's Teacup Fairy Garden!
She should be wishing us a Merry Un-Birthday!
A Fairy Garden for Daughter Sascha
I bought this teacup planter at Wal-Mart quite a few years ago.  I gave it to Sascha who has loved and collected everything Alice in Wonderland since she was a child.  I thought she might use it in her garden.  A weird cat with a knowing grin told me she wants an Alice Tea Party theme for her wedding someday.  But until I see a ring and get the go-ahead to craft strangely wonderful Alice-related wedding décor, I will have to be content to play Fairy Garden Godmother.

Alice and the Cheshire Cat
Fairy Gardens seem to be everywhere on Pinterest and Facebook.  Many of the craft stores sell the little figures and garden accessories so we all can join in the fun.  My grand daughter McKenzie likes to make a fairy garden each year with her Grandma Hyde...what a fun tradition. They use live plants, while I am more comfortable using silk flowers and grasses.  I can't be trusted with real!  Recently I discovered that Disney character play-sets like Snow White and Alice in Wonderland are just the right size to use in a fairy garden if you are a crazy Disney fan like I am.  

Kenzie's Fairy Garden

A Few Close-ups...Alice's Garden
Tiny cat hides under the mushrooms.

Un-Birthday Cake on a fairy stool table.
A "Very Merry Un-Birthday" to you!



Very, very sweet fairy garden!

Margaret said...

Oh I love Disney sooo much! I have only visited Disney World (about six times) but never Disneyland. Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, Pirates of the Caribbean are my favorite attractions. I just love your Alice garden. When my Caitlin is nervous about something I always tell her "A little faith, a little trust, a little bit of Pixie dust" and everything will be fine. She goes off in confidence every time!

Sandy McClay said...

Shirley, I just love coming by and seeing your new posts....just got done with the Hoses one...I adore the house you live in now girlfriend! Thanks for sharing...and that sweet little Disney fairy garden???? Beyond cute!

Musings from Kim K. said...

I can't get enough tiny things and I love your Alice themed garden. Keep on playing and creating!