Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ray Bradbury's Halloween Tree!

Have you heard about The Halloween Tree?
"Suddenly the day was gone, night came out from under each tree and spread." -Ray Bradbury
A Tree Full of Jack-o-lanterns
I have always loved Ray Bradbury...but I had never heard about The Halloween Tree.  The book is a 1972 fantasy novel which traces the history of Samhain and Halloween.  Last year I wrote about the origin of Jack-o-lanterns, which was a lot of fun to research.  I am going to download this book to my Kindle.  The following plot summary is from Wikipedia:
Plot Summary:
A group of eight boys set out to go trick-or-treating on Halloween, only to discover that a ninth friend, Pipkin, has been whisked away on a journey that could determine whether he lives or dies.  Through the help of a mysterious character named Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud, they pursue their friend across time and space through Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, and Roman Cultures, Celtic Druidism, Notre Dame Cathedral in Medieval Paris, and The Day of the Dead in Mexico.  Along the way, they learn the origins of the holiday that they celebrate, and the role that the fear of death, spooks, and the haunts has played in shaping civilization.  The Halloween Tree itself, with its many branches laden with jack-o-lanterns, serves as a metaphor for the historical confluence of these traditions.

Ray Bradbury's Halloween Tree
Just a few days ago I was sitting underneath this tree.  George was waiting out a bout of motion sickness...lol!  I told him that I really liked this tree...I loved the simplicity of a tree full of jack-o-lanterns.  I noticed a plaque at the base of the oak tree dedicated to Ray Bradbury's dream of a Halloween Tree.
A Tree Full of Jack-O-Lanterns
On October 31, 2007, Ray Bradbury attended the presentation of a Halloween Tree at Disneyland in California, to be included as part of their annual park-wide decorations every year.  When I read this, I couldn't wait to go home and make a simple version for my yard.

My Halloween Tree 
I tried to just keep it simple...hanging a dozen little pumpkins in the tree.
These were 97 cent pumpkins from Walmart.
I would have bought more...but I bought all there were in a "normal" orange...lol!
The faces were done "free hand" with a sharpie...easiest project ever!
I was going to wait until tomorrow to publish this...then thought...why? 
Happy Tuesday!

Note:  I tried to find The Halloween Tree on Amazon...but no luck.  Is it out of print?


Linda Ruthie said...

Hi Shirley,
The Halloween Tree is in various forms, (hardcover, paperback, video) on ebay and Barnes & Noble has the paperback online.
Your Halloween tree is wonderful!


Musings from Kim K. said...

How fun. I must share this book and the tree with my husband.

Perfectly Printed said...

What a fun idea!! I just may have to be a copy cat!!

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

I must find a hard copy of this book! It sounds fantastic!
Your tree looks great, and I love the wood cut-out pumpkin-ghost too!
Erica :)

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Such a fun and cute tree of your own!! And great history with the book and original tree too!! Hope your week is going great!! :) xo Holly

710southmain said...

This story is new to me. Thank you for sharing. Your tree is adorable! Great job with the jack-o-lantern faces. :)


710southmain said...

This story is new to me. Thank you for sharing. Your tree is adorable! Great job with the jack-o-lantern faces. :)


Linda said...

I love the idea of a Halloween tree, yours is fabulous!

vintage grey said...

Aww, super fun!! And, such a great idea!! xo Heather

Jann Olson said...

How fun Shirley. I have never heard of the book either. Were you able to download it to your kindle? I have one and would like to do the same. If those pumpkins are just small, I bought 4 to use for favors for our upcoming Oct. club. We decided to do something else so I was going to return them. Do you want them?

Laura Adams said...

Hi Shirley!
I love the tree, you did a fabulous job!

Margaret said...

I am catching up on some posts and so glad I didn't miss this one! I have never heard of the book! Thanks for introducing it! Wonderful Halloween tree! Hugs to you Shirley! I love your blog so much :)