Friday, October 4, 2013

Kim and Viv Inspired Canned Pumpkin!

Canned Pumpkins!
Pumpkin Labels work great for Halloween, Fall, and Thanksgiving crafting.
I have come to the conclusion that many of my fellow bloggers are creative geniuses!  I am a writer...and I love it when I read a clever turn of phrase.  I may groan at puns...but many are so clever!   When two of my favorite bloggers featured "canned pumpkins" I just had to let everyone know how clever I think they are.  I am a fan of vintage labels...especially those from fruit crates.  I enjoyed looking for vintage food packaging labels for a "grocery store" project for my littlest Grand's Christmas.  But I never considered the lowly can label as craft-worthy until now.
Viv's Pumpkin Cans...

Kim's Canned Pumpkin.
Love those cute felted pumpkin heads she found at Target. 
My Canned Pumpkin...
I think it looks quite elegant...or black and orange shabby.
The other day I opened a can of cranberries for a crockpot pork loin recipe I make almost every week.  I was about to toss the can when the little creativity devil angel that sits on my shoulder whispered..."Hey, you can make one of those canned pumpkins from that!"  So I googled "Pumpkin Can Labels" and found my favorite.  When was exactly the right size for the cranberry can.  I didn't even bother to remove the old label I just used my glue gun to apply the pumpkin label.  I turned the empty can upside down make a flat surface.   A bit of Halloween garland was glued on next...then the 97 cent Walmart pumpkin.  They got more in stock...yay!  I tied a bit of black and orange ribbon to the stem...and it was done.  Less than five minutes to put together.

My Favorite Label...the colors are perfect for Halloween!
I am making a few more...they are so fast and easy.  The chili bean cans I opened last night are taller than cranberry I needed to add a bit of black border to top and bottom.  Thank you Viv and Kim for the inspiration...and for sharing your creativity with us!
More Random Halloween Crafting and Decorating

Mini Halloween Frames....6 inches tall.
Inspired by....

...this frame from Traditions.
I love this online holiday store!

This year's Happy Halloween Hallway vignette.

My Halloween Mantel.
"Spooky"burlap pennant garland made by my sweet niece Savannah!
I just love it!
Keep those Halloween Craft Ideas Coming!

A Few Pumpkin Labels...







ImagiMeri said...

You go girl! Aren't Viv and Kimmy just the most amazing crafters???? Lots of inspiration there. Your canned pumpkin turned out lovely and thanks for the heads up on the "Traditions" store.....I'll probably do some shopping damage there.


Sandy McClay said...

I agree, they are so cute and yours is wonderful! I have a crock pot recipe for cranberries and pork also...thanks for all of the images! :)

Lutka And Co. said...

I've had the same ideas in mind after seeing Viv's and Kim's pumpkin can creations! Yours came out so pretty too :) Now to go and open some cans and create! :)

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Love your can you made Shirley!! And such cute decorations around your home too!! Love your table with all your sweet Halloweenies and your mantel looks great too!! :) Happy Friday! xo Holly

vintage grey said...

Such a sweet and fun can you made!! And, all three of you are so creative!! Love your pretty mantle and spooky banner!! Happy weekend! xo Heather

Musings from Kim K. said...

Thanks for the shout-out. I love your variation. It's very elegant with it's fluffy garland and beautiful ribbon on your pumpkin. Love the vintage images for the canned pumpkin labels too.

Sending you some Halloween hugs!

Patti M said...

Your house is so lovely! I can't decide who’s I like the best...yours, Kim’s, or Viv's...glad I don't have to decide they are all lovely and inspiring! I have framed some vintage Halloween images in black frames but never thought to mount them on a candle stick…very cool…hmmm I think I just might have a candle stick or two around here somewhere…Thanks for sharing your pics of your home and your ideas! Have a great weekend! hugs…patti m :) said...

Wow! Your place looks so festive ~ love it:)

Jann Olson said...

Love your fun decorations Shirley! The canned pumpkins are wonderful too. Thanks for sharing the graphics. Pinned.