Tuesday, January 29, 2013

High School Years...Homecoming 1972!

Homecoming 1972...
Anyone who has watched such shows as “Glee” and “High School Musical” will know that Drama Club is often ignored, while Football and Cheer Leading programs get most of the attention.  American Fork High School was …for the most part…no exception.   But since our school was full of very nice kids, “class warfare” wasn't as intense as it might have been.  There were the usual tensions between “Jocks” and “Cowboys.”   Pot smoking “Hippies” kept to the shadows.  If they were there, I wasn't too aware of them.  To any former “Cavemen” reading this, these are my memories of American Fork High School…you may remember things differently.  But that’s okay…we all look at life through different lenses.

"Andy Williams is my favorite singer" said no teenage girl ever. 

When I was still in junior high, I remember an afternoon spent looking at yearbooks with my friend Kathleen.   This is not important to the story…but I just had to share this bit about Kathleen.  She was a wonderful, sweet, intelligent girl.  But she had a fatal flaw.  While most of the other girls in our neighborhood were crazy about The Monkees or The Partridge Family…she was Andy Williams’ most devoted fan.  Huh!?  Her closet door was plastered with his pictures and his music was the sound track to games of Twister.  “Moon River” and right hand red!  

The hit of "parent chaperoned" boy/girl parties.

 Anyhoo...as Kathleen and I looked at all the pictures of kids having fun in sports, clubs and activities at AF High, I made a vow that I would make the most of my high school years.   My children would find me in lots of yearbook pictures!  I never was one of the “popular” crowd but I was an enthusiastic Caveman supporter.

Drama Club...
My favorite picture.  George and I are both on the front row.
I am the girl on the far left ...George is on the far right.
We were probably fighting that day...lol!

Since I fully intended to be a famous Broadway actress someday, I knew that Drama Club was the “place to be.”   Learning scenes and pantomimes for competitions was a lot of work.  But I knew that if I ever wanted to star in the school play I would have to pay my dues.   Drama Club kids were the most fun kids in the school. ..just what this shy girl needed.   At any moment a group of us could spontaneously break out in song.  I have fond memories of a lunch-time musical number…complete with choreography…of a Kellogg’s Raisin Bran commercial…it was brilliant!  Another time my friend Randy brought the house down with “We represent the Lollipop Guild” from the Wizard of Oz.  Being tall for a Munchkin…he was hilarious!

Actual Yearbook Photo...not!

We were a pretty close-knit bunch of kids who thought ourselves very clever, but I’m sure we got more than our fair share of strange looks in the hallways.   I will write more another time about the plays we were in.  This story is about Homecoming.   I have my husband to thank for bringing back these fun memories.  A few days ago, George came across some old negatives that I didn't know existed.   It was like unearthing lost treasure...our Drama Club Homecoming float!

“Happiness is…” Homecoming 1972

Our drama teacher and club adviser was Mr. Gardner.   Such a nice guy and so handsome…we girls would just stare at him dreamily.  Half the time we never heard a word he said.  But when he announced that this year Drama Club would create an entry for the Homecoming Parade…we were all ears!   He warned us not to get too excited…we probably wouldn't win the prize.  He believed that “politics favoring the football team and cheerleaders” would prevail.   But he did encourage us to prove him wrong.  

Happiness is...

The theme was “Happiness Is…”   Snoopy as “Joe Cool” and “Happiness is a Warm Puppy” were everywhere that year.   What kind of float would we build?  Since we were playing the Springville Red Devils we chose “Happiness is Deviled Eggs.”  We envisioned a football field where “Mighty Cavemen” clobbered giant devil eggs with clubs.  How cool is that?

The finished product...

Building the float was so much fun!   I have no idea how we came up with the paper mache eggs.  But they were works of art in our estimation.

Watching other people work is exhausting!

My cute friend Marilee getting ready for the parade.

Those evil "Deviled Eggs" must be cracked for good!

After the parade some of us took our show on the road.  George and Randy...and a few others whose names I wish I could remember...thought it would be fun to wear the eggs in the middle of a busy Main Street intersection and "withdraw into their shells."  We thought the honking cars were hilarious.  Then for some reason we took the eggs to Lehi and proceeded to annoy the citizens of that community.  We had to celebrate somehow...we won Best Float in the parade!   It just goes to show...politics aside...Drama Club was the best!

Dear old AF High
Yes, we will love you 'til we die.
Your colors bright,
Of red and white,
Will be a beacon in the night.
Dramatic Arts,
And Ball and Track,
We always bring the honors back.
We'll sing your praises to the sky
We'll always fight for AF High!
Rah! Rah! Rah!

If you haven't noticed...Drama is mentioned first in the school song...so take that, Football!

I'm sure it was my performance at Half Time that won the game.
The Cavemen pounded the Red Devils for a 44-27 victory!
Best Homecoming ever!

Madison...enjoy your high school days!
Note:  I was having trouble remembering the correct words to the song.  Thanks to an article written by Ruby Buhler called "Origin of the American Fork High School Song" I was able to get it right!  Sadly, Ruby passed away a few weeks ago.  She was quite the local historian and a lovely person.


Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Hi Shirley,
Love that cheerleading pic! Too cute! gosh, I graduated in 1971, has it been that long? :-)
Have fun,

chris mckinley said...

Love your pictures!! What great memories!! High School was fun!!


Speedy Lady (Tresa) said...

This was such a fun post to read. We also made floats for homecoming. I was very shy in high school. I wanted to be involved in drama but just couldn't find the nerve. Thank you for making me smile!

Tammy's in Love said...

A fun post Shirley! Not going to regale you with high school stories, I couldn't wait to get OUT and go to college in the Real World beyond our hallowed halls. Hold our colors red and white, may the with our spirits fly! May we ever fight! fight! fight! for Richfield High...see, I'm not a total stick in the mud!

vintage grey said...

Sweet photos and memories!! xo Heather

LBP said...

I love this post! It is so cool that you have photos from your high school days.. I only have the ones that are in my yearbook. Our family didn't take a lot of photos. I was a cheerleader and a majorette in high school and loved it! Fun times!



LBP said...

I love this post! It is so cool that you have photos from your high school days.. I only have the ones that are in my yearbook. Our family didn't take a lot of photos. I was a cheerleader and a majorette in high school and loved it! Fun times!



Camille Crist said...

Love the pictures you posted. My first album was also an Andy Williams' album - the "Honey" record.(playlist: Honey, Love is Blue, Up, up and away, Windy, This is my song, By the time I get to Phoenix, Spooky, Impossible dream, Theme from Valley of the Dolls, Our last goodbye and Scarborough fair/canticle) I still have it.
I was also in Drama at AF High, as well as in student goverment - graduating in 1975. I helped build my share of floats, and participated in many plays and assemblies. Good memories!

Patti said...

This is an adorable post - soooo cute. It brings up good memories of my HS days, too. We did have fun, didn't we!

VintageBettys said...

Thank you for sharing this post! It made me think back at some of my memories of decorating our homecoming float :)