Monday, January 21, 2013

Year in Review...Top Five Posts 2012!

Looking Ahead...Looking Back
I have been working to put together my Blog Book for 2012 and it's going faster than I expected.  As each month ends, I cut and paste my blog posts to a file in Word.  I love how Word keeps the format of my blog, so it appears on paper pretty much as it does on my computer screen.  I do need to adjust how much content appears per page...but that is pretty much done by adjusting the size of the pictures.  I can save the file for later...or print it right then.  I buy the 3 or 4 inch binders from Walmart and decorate the outsides with pretty designing a scrapbook page.  It's fun!  I can also make cute divider pages for each month.  When I'm finished I will post some of the pages designs.  It's been fun to re-read my blog as I put the pages in my year in review!  I  am posting today my top five blog readership...for 2012.

Top Five for 2012...
My silly fear of making phone calls...what's up with that?
Telephobia...A Love/Hate Affair

This was my Ipod, Madison!
My Junior High memories.
When I Was Your Age, Madison

What's more fun than a Christmas circus?
Cirque d' Noel!

Christmas crafts to reflect my memories of Germany in the late 70s.
German Christmas in My Office!

My life as a third, fourth and fifth grader.
When I Was Your Age...McKenzie & Macy!

Thanks for visiting my Top Five for 2012!
What was your most popular post?

A favorite Valentine found at an antique store.

Note to those having picture problems:  I composed this blog on Google upload difficulties at all.  Yay!


Linda said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the idea of a blog book. I had no idea that you could paste to word. I can relate to all of your posts....listening to the transistor radio in bed at night. LOL I love your header too!

ImagiMeri said...

Hiya Shirley,

How ya doin? It's gorgeous here with close to 80 degrees, it's just too bad that I'm still sick with a sinus infection....pooh.

Pretty new header, too.


chris mckinley said...

Thanks for sharing your top 5 posts!! So much fun to back and read! I received your amazing candy box Saturday....too much! Thank you! What a sweet lady you are!! Mine will be in the mail in a few days!!



I don't even know what Goodle Chrome is or where to find out about it for blogging/uploading photos!
I also LOVE your blog book! Great idea. I'll have to ask hubby to help me with that! My blog is like a journal for me.

vintage grey said...

Thanks for sharing your top 5! Such a fun idea! I love reading all your post and stories!! Have a wonderful week! xo Heather

Sandy said...

Shirley Great idea of a Blog book...just not inspired to do it! lol Did you realize the photo you put in the "The Beatles" aren't the Beatles???? lol
There are lot so n Pinterest if you want to change it...I loved them too!

Shirley Hatfield said...

Lol! Never post pictures without reading glasses on! My Beatles pic was wrong, but the original was so small I couldn't see it was a tribute now you get my other love...Batman!

Speedy Lady (Tresa) said...

I loved the Beatles and Bat Man too! Your blog header is adorable. I am now going to read (or reread) your top 5 posts. :)

DearHelenHartman said...

I love your top posts. I can see why they made the cut - fun stuff! Nanananananananananana BATMAN!

Creative Breathing said...

Hi Shirley, What a wonderful review of all MY favorite posts as well! And I adore your Valentine.
I wanted to thank you personally as well as on my blog for your sweet little bear. I would never think to alter a bear, and you have done it so beautifully. Truly, you have such an eye for detail. The little key!!!
Thank you also for your box and what was inside.
You are such a dear person Shirley. I should have my ornaments ready to mail next week. Elizabeth

Jann Olson said...

Loved your top five! The phone thing made me laugh. When I was a teen I was afraid to even call and order a pizza. How funny is that? I was outgoing and energetic, but was afraid to call strangers on the phone. lol!

SueLovesCherries said...

Don't ask me how I missed this post! My 20-yr-old, Katherine, has always been deathly afraid to use the phone, and I do mean "deathly"! She will not make a phone call unless it's an emergency (none yet), won't even call her best friend - facebooks her. This year she's started answering the phone, but only if it's someone she knows.

Burt Ward was one of the loves-of-my-life! (along with Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, and Davey Jones!) I had a fan pic of him from Tiger Beat magazine that I would kiss goodnight every night!