Saturday, November 19, 2011

Vintage Christmas Snow Domes!

 The Kitschier the Better...
One of the things I loved about Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion was the "Finders Keepers" feature in each issue. One December article was about plastic snow domes (or globes.)  Plastic snow domes became popular in the 1950's, made in Japan or Hong Kong.  Some of them are so cheesy and cheap looking that you can often find one at the thrift store for less than $1.  Seen a collection...they are colorful and very, very fun!

My Small Collection...
Five Figural Snow Domes

I had already started a small collection of figural snow domes before the magazine article came out.  I was please to find out that figure-shaped domes are hard to find.  Some shapes, like an elf with a gnome and mushroom in its tummy is really rare.  I have a Santa with a Nativity scene in his tacky is that?  The tipsy Santa hanging on a light pole is really a funny one.  I don't think any of my little guys are particularly valuable to anyone but me.  I don't always display them, so it's fun to post them here.

Sorry this is so short, but I didn't want the weekend to go by without a post.
I'm grateful for the joy of watching the little birds at my feeders...their sweet feathers all fluffed up in the cold.


Creative Breathing said...

Happy Thanksgiving Shirley! Your tags have arrived! They absolutely have made my day! I so hope you enjoyed making your first tags because I have so enjoyed seeing them in person. Such work you put into each one of these with their little aprons. I can't wait for everyone to have them in hand. I will be featuring them when I have received several others. Thank you again so much for joining me. PS Thank you also for the cute vintage card which I will share as well.

Lynn said...

Those are just so sweet. I have never seen snow globes like that. Thank you for sharing your collection with us! I Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Hugs,

Toni said...

Shirley - Those are so cute, I have never seen snowglobes like that. Lucky you are to have five.

Betsy said...


Now I have something new to look for when I hit the flea markets! What a great collection you have! I bet your house is just so cheerful at Christmas time. I hope you'll be showing us more.


Nan said...

Oh boy I bet your tags are spectacular I see what E. says about them here. I'm certainly not the best tag maker but as I went along with the 20 having the second set mixed I felt I was catching the rhythm of what they are all about.
On these globes I have never seen these and adore them, would love to find one but not a chance where I live.
Thanks for visiting and following me.