Friday, November 4, 2011

A Change in the Weather...A Change on the Front Porch!

It had to happen eventually...
They say the weather is going to change for the worse this weekend.  I can see the clouds already creeping in.  I've enjoyed the seemingly endless sunny Autumn days, but I now I have had to bump up my front porch decorating schedule...much to the amusement of my neighbors.  But who in their right minds wants to work outside in the freezing cold attempting to jolly up the place?  Another rhetorical question.

I've used this wreath a few too many times.  I may make a new one...but for now this looks good with the snowflakes and candy.  I love how happy red and white makes me feel.  I've mentioned it more than once today.

Warning! Kitsch Alert!
Now before you mock...let me direct you to the picture to the left.  It's from the Sundance Catalog...the Robert Redford guide to all things cool.  A quote:  "So over-the-top tacky that he scores a 10 on the retro-hip coolness scale..."  Now that you have dear Bob's word on it...I will show you my kitschy little collection.

My score on the retro-hip coolness scale must be Ginormous!
Bob will sell you one of his snowmen for $58.  But wait...there's more!
If you buy 3 or more...they are only $48 each.
I know I never spent $48 for the whole collection.
I think $2 was the most expensive.
Evil Santa Clone Army on the March!

He's from Walmart...he doesn't count on the retro-hip coolness scale.

You remember those extremely cheap tacky plastic decorations?
I used to have them wired to wreaths...but have replaced them with giant candy pieces.

Okay...I admit to falling for Redford's siren song.
I bought him last year from the evil Christmas Catalog.

Apparently this guy sets "the holiday mood-ometer at over-the-top jolly..."
I sure hope I didn't pay $58...but I probably did.
He looks different this year...Bob must have found a newer, "greener" supplier.
Bless you Robert Redford for saving our planet!
(...and not including the lightbulb)

I may not sound like it, but I am thankful for Sundance.  I live near the mouth of a canyon that if you follow the road...called "The Alpine Loop" will take you up over the mountain and down into another canyon.  Sundance is located on the other side of the mountain.  It's a beautiful resort and ski area.  We love to eat at the Foundry Grill...outside on the patio by a little waterfall...then ride the ski lift to the top of the mountain.  

It can snow now...Front Porch is done!


Cindy said...

Shirley how beautiful!! This would pull me right to your front door!

I have a question...don't y'all get hard winds...because here in Texas on my deep porch those items would be blown around...bad!

Love the evil Santa'

I think your front porch wreath looks fine...I love using and me a warm comfort of great memories!!

I think I need to get my stuff out...I Will say hey it's going to

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Lynn said...

Oh Shirley,
I am so in heaven looking at all your front porch decor!!! I love it all!! Please share on how to get a copy of the catalog!! I want to add to my collection!! Guess what?? I have the original Santa Face!!! My sweet hubby brought him home to me a few years ago. My daughter laughed at me for loving it!! But, hey I love Santa!!I love the row of Santa's!! We are going out junkin tomorrow. Maybe I will find some goodies to add to my collections.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Kitchy cool indeed! :)

Betsy said...

Hi Shirley,

Why am I not surprised to see your kitschy Christmas decorations? I have the same ones! Not quite as many though. I'm always on the hunt. Your front door looks so great. And who cares if the neighbors were snickering behind their curtains? You'll be glad when the bad weather hits and you are done decorating outside!

If you have time, stop by my blog--I posted on the wonderful apron you sent! Thank you again!