Monday, August 29, 2016

Steampunkin...and the Thief of Time!


What is it about Steampunk style that is so appealing to me?  Sometimes I wish I were younger so I could get geeky and immerse myself in this whole other world.  It's kind of a fanciful Victorian-JulesVerne-Science Fiction-Fantastical Voyage into steam-powered technology, with a lot of rusty gears.  I have always been a nerdy kind of person.  I was into Star Trek from the time I was 12. I went through a Lord of the Rings fan the collection of Hobbit figurines in my office will attest. As I get older, I don't seem to feel the need to go to ComicCon...but I still feel the desire to dream fantastical dreams.  George likes the idea of Steampunk and has been collecting materials to build a few cool lamps. 

I love it when the creativity gods smile down on me...sending those Eureka! moments that strike at the oddest of times.  Mine happened while I was organizing my Halloween crafting materials and found a pad of scrapbook paper I forgot I had.  It's a Graphic 45 collection called "Steampunk Spells" and it's pretty cool.  I had an inspiration flash...Steampunkin!  What could be more fun?


Steampunkin Jack!
Old bed springs are the perfect size for a Jack-in-the-Box.
Finished Jack is about 18 inches tall.

Jack's hat was a woman's fascinator.
Zurchers has a Steampunk section in their costume department.
They have a fun selection of, hats, goggles, you name it!
Even little bags of gears!

The medallion on the front of the box was a brooch from Zurchers.
I used the lid of the box for a platform for Jack's box to sit on.
I wrapped the edge in leather and added nail heads.
The legs are mini-candlesticks from Hobby Lobby.

Jack's box is wrapped and embellished with Graphic 45's Steampunk Spells papers.
Up next...Jack's companion!

Thief of Time...Altered Crow!

Thief of Time.
I've had this crow on a wooden platform for a few years.
I thought a clock theme would be fun for him.
Everyone knows that crows are he became "Thief of Time."
Note...clocks on the wheels.

TOT wears a capelet made from the fingers of an old kid glove.
I found the glove in with some old lace that belonged to Grandma Patta.
I embellished it with clock hands, a clock and some gears.

TOT's hat is also embellished with little clocks and gears.
Tiny clock hands are the "feathers" in his cap.
He carries a stolen timepiece in his beak.

Little Steam-Punkins.
I saw these gold-veined pumpkins at Walmart and just knew they needed the Steampunk treatment.

More clocks and gears!

Temporary display...I start decorating this weekend!!

Hooray for September!
Are y'all as excited as I am for fall?


Sandy McClay said...

These are amazing! I am telling you you could be making a good living here! Love your stuff my friend!

Tammy's in Love said...

Halloween and Steampunk: a marriage made in heaven. Love that pumpkin!


SO very unique, creative and fun! I saw those pumpkins today at "W" and I like how you punked them up. I will be putting up my fall things this weekend. It's time!!!

vivian said...

I love the steampunk look too! And your jack in the box and crow are just wonderful! I cant wait to get my halloween and fall stuff out! but Ive got to wait til the weekend of the 9th. unless I get really ambitious this weekend....... hmmmm
have a great weekend!

Jann Olson said...

Shirley, I want your mind! :) They are all just fabulous!! I really need to make a trip to zurchers. I would love some gears. So, so incredible my friend!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I wish you could share your mind and creativity with ALL of us! I love steampunk too and try to pick up any old watches I can find. LOVE what you make my friend! Happy Fall!