Thursday, August 11, 2016

Halloween Circus...New Additions!

Carousel of Creepiness!
Carousel of Creepiness!
Made from old lampshade frame.
Slit straws cover the frame ribs.

On the Fourth of July weekend George and I traveled to Nederland, Colorado...home of the Carousel of Happiness.  I was happy to finish that chapter of the history of Fairyland Park.  As I rode on the carousel, one crazy thought led to another...and I knew I had to make a Carousel of Creepiness.  I had been working on a blog post about the other carousel for Vintage Vacations...but I couldn't concentrate.  I had to stop and create!

Carousel Jack!

Come and Ride...Cats in Saddles.

My Favorite Vintage Cat!
I found one in Grandma Patta's attic when my kids were young.
It was my very first vintage Halloween piece, and is my most treasured.

Closer view of Cat.

Skelly's Ticket Booth!
Every circus needs a ticket booth with a dapper skinny salesman.
His customer is an old friend I made some years back.
The ticket booth is inspired by one I pinned on Pinterest...Vic's Creations

Ticket Booth Sign.

Skelly and Friend.

Scare-us Wheel!
I've used this black cupcake wheel for several years.
I finally decorated the sides.

Cat and Moon.

Witch and Moon.

Graveyard Drummers!
I want to find more of the band members.
Grateful Dead?

Old Friends!
The circus tent was the first piece I made a few years ago.
I was thinking of a Night Circus theme.
I use the same "want ads" paper on each of my pieces to tie them together.
I can't get anymore...only 3 sheets left!

Witch's Candy Stand.
Also a few years old.
She wasn't a circus piece...but fits in nicely.

Haunted Midway!
I wanted to see everything together.
I need a backdrop of some kind and a garland of black and white flags.

As usual I am not letting the calendar get in my way!
Happy Creepy Crafting!



WOW, you are Very Creative! Your talent is AMAZING! Wonderful Halloween Circus! You should enter them!

Sandy McClay said...

Shirley, this is all wonderful!!! You are so talented! Love every oen of them!

Tammy's in Love said...

Shirley, Shirley, Shirley!!! Unbelievable!!

Jann Olson said...

Girl, you are so ready for HOWL-o-ween!! Love your creative mind!!

Margaret said...

Shirley you are amazing! I have no words. This is just AMAZING!!!! Love you! Maggie

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Love looking at your beautiful creations.