Friday, March 25, 2016

Fun With Friends...Craft Day!

Beautiful Basket of Chicks!
I think this is my favorite Easter postcard.

Have you noticed that the longer one goes without posting, the harder it is to get going again?  I had to literally force myself to sit down at the computer and start editing pictures for this blog post.  I have so many stories in the hopper that I need to work on...some from as long ago as last March!  Lazy?  Or is it Spring Fever?  Yesterday my daughter Amber told me a word that she learned from a German co-worker...Fruhjahrsmude.  This means essentially "Spring Fever."  Amber tends to get Fruhjahrsmude every February so we've always called it her "February Meltdown."

One way to fight Fruhjahresmude is to get together with a group of crafty friends and craft something so stinkin' cute that it lifts your spirits for days afterward.  I have been fortunate to be welcomed into a fun group that meets monthly at the home of Jann Olsen of Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson in Alpine.  She has a beautiful home just filled to the brim with wonderful things!  Our last meeting was March 15 and it was my turn to teach a craft.  I had so much fun a couple of years ago making things out of potato mashers...inspired by Pinterest...that I chose Easter Mashers as my craft.

 March Craft Day...Easter Mashers!
Oh, the lowly potato masher...what can you become?

My Masher Trio.

The idea is to use the masher as the platform for a tart tin or a nest and build the arrangement around it.  I love picking up mashers from the thrifts, so I had a few to spare for those who couldn't find one.  I made the red one two years ago.

Easter Parade of Mashers!
Each is as beautiful and individual as the woman who made it.

Masher Press!

Simple Easter/Spring Garland.

We also made these pretty and simple shabby garlands with Easter graphics, scrapbook paper, lace doilies and rick rack.  The paper circles are 3" in diameter and it takes about 2 yards of rick rack.

February Craft Day!
My Spring Basket.

February 16 was the first time we got together.  Talented friend, Joanne Martin, showed us how to make beautiful baskets using peat pots or berry baskets.  We brought tons of crepe paper and embellishments to attempt the ultimate in Easter cuteness.  Everyone was a winner!

Spring lambs were a favorite theme.

Every fashionable chick needs a party hat!

Easter Parade lined up for the photo shoot.
I wish I had taken more pictures. 
For more pics go to Jann's Post.

Paula of Pollyanna Reinvents showed us how to replicate
German Putz Sheep with Sculpy and light quilt batting like Warm and Natural.
She also has a lot of fun photos on her post.

New Easter Find...Candy Colored Vintage Bunny! 
I found her at Retro Betty, a darling vintage shop in Salt Lake City.

I'm so happy I was able to post before Easter!
Have a Blessed Holiday!


Margaret said...

We feel blessed reading your posts! Oh those mashers are too cute for words. I have to make one! All the items are beautiful. I love the idea of teaching each other a new craft. How fun that is. Everything looks amazing! Happy Easter!


That is a awesome craft group you have joined. Lots of talent in your group. Great idea with the masher's. Each one is awesome.
Easter Blessings to you.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm getting caught up on all your amazing crafting projects. What fun to have such talented friends to share ideas with!