Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sir Rolly...Newest Halloweenie!

I am so in love with these colors!

Luckily for everyone who knows me and despairs over my tendency to jump the gun on holiday crafting...some annoying dental issues have slowed down my crafting for the past  two weeks.  But once this post is published, I'm heading downstairs to work on a few spookables that have been living in my head.  Beware!

Sir Rolly...

Sir Rolly took his inspiration from a large tobacco tin...that I paid way too much for!
I just love the orange and black graphics.
He is about 12" tall and has beady little eyes.

Side View.  
Now I wish I had made him a pipe.  Could still happen.

Hat Embellishment.
The feathers are from the wing of a dollar store crow.

One of my new favorite candy graphics!

Thanks for letting me share!
More Creepy Craftiness to Come



You make AWESOME treasures, like Mr Pumpkin head!!! I've been "thinking" about fall & halloween...I must dig thru my stash and see what I have. Thanks for the visit!

Joanne Martin said...

He is completely delicious!!!!

Margaret said...

And you know we can't wait to see more! OMG he is so cute. I know exactly what you mean--the colors of black & orange just electrify my veins! That sounded so dramatic! It does though!!!!! My favorite time of year is coming up. I can't hardly wait...Good thing I have friends like you to share it with! Crafting fun to come! Maggie

Patti said...

You are so over the top talented! I just can't get enough of your creations!!! I'm glad you are having fun creating!!! I've been thinking of fall, and what I want to put out - gosh - you are amazing!

vintage grey said...

So sweet!! Happy crafting and hope your mouth feels better soon! xo Heather

BurningRubber said...

I love your creation! I love these colors too. I am so ready for fall!!!