Saturday, May 23, 2015

Home Sweet Home...The Streets Where We Lived!

Home Sweet Home by Mary Engelbreit.

Mary Engelbreit has drawn so many sweet little cottages.  Each one seems to beckon, saying "Come home!  Sit a spell."  I want to walk up the path and open the front door of this dear little house.  What nooks and crannies will I find to explore?  My Grandma Patta's house was filled with nooks and crannies...and those nooks and crannies contained boxes filled with unknown wonders.  Grandma would "let" me help her sort through those boxes.  So many little treasures found their way home with me.  That house was dear to my heart because my grandparents were there and they loved me!  I visit them often in my dreams.  Home is more than a sweet embroidered sentiment on a pillow...home is where our families are and where our stories begin.  This blog post will probably not be of interest to anyone but members of my family...but that's okay.  This will be a record of all the places this family has called home.

Shirley's Homes...
First Home as a baby...Alpine, Utah
April 7, 1955
We lived upstairs.

100 East American Fork, Utah
Lived Upstairs here as a toddler.
We also lived in a brick duplex on West Main...demolished to build Target.

Alpine, Utah
Lived here Kindergarten through Second Grade

280 North 300 West American Fork, Utah
Third Grade to Junior High.
There was no porch or carport at that time.
Lived in upstairs part of the house.

352 Washington Avenue American Fork, Utah
Junior High until Marriage in 1975
We own this home's been completely remodeled.

George's Homes...
175 North 500 East Spanish Fork, Utah.
George lived here from 1955 to 1971 when he moved to American Fork, Utah
The home was pink when he lived there.

670 East 300 North American Fork, Utah
George moved here in 1971 when his mother married Joseph Ovard.

Our Hatfield Family Homes...
Our First Home!
About 50 South 400 East American Fork
About 1978 the trailer was replaced with a house.

1977 El Paso Apartment on the west side of town.
It was near a Piggly Wiggly...which I thought was hilarious!
Moved here when George was stationed at Fort Bliss as an Army 2nd Lieutenant.

11 Helgolandstrasse 5 Delmenhorst, Germany
We lived on the top floor.

Edewecht, Germany
American housing on Haupt Strasse.
Our apartment was on the ground floor, far left.

Cielo Vista Apartments in El Paso, Texas.
1101 Avalon Drive #C
Lived there in 1981 while our house was being built.
That's me holding Geoff with Missy and Amber nearby.

10708 Georgetown, El Paso, Texas.
Located on the west side of town...near Transmountain Road.
Our first brand-new house.  We didn't live there very long.
Amber's school was right across the street...Omar Bradley Elementary.

10161 North 5890 West Highland, Utah
It's only a few blocks from here, but too lazy to drive by.
Stole picture off Google Street!

Our Dream House
George built it pretty much by himself.
9802 North 5740 West Highland Utah
Just across the old canal from our old neighborhood.
1996 to Present
This was our yard in the 90's

Our Home Away From Home.
Condo, Big Horn at Black Mountain in Henderson, Nevada.
We have owned it for 6 years...and still can't get people to stop parking in our space.

Our Home May 23, 2015

Be it ever so humble... 


DearHelenHartman said...

LOVELY! I know you make your house a home.

Margaret said...

So many lovely homes. I love the different architectures in different parts of the country. All of the homes are special in their own way for each of you, I'm sure. Your present home is very beautiful! You and George have made quite a path to get to it together! Love you Shirley!

Tammy's in Love said...

A beautiful collection of home sweet homes! Being in my current state of homelessness, I'd take any one of them!

Musings from Kim K. said...

What fun it's been to go on the home tour with you. Chris and I have moved 4 times in our 23 years of marriage and now with the recent addition of our A-frame lake house, I think we're officially done with acquiring any more homes. Smile.

Pollyanna said...

Your house is adorable, and I love that George got to live in Georgetown. I am definitely stealing this idea!!