Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Kodak Moments...Sascha's Costume Parade!

Kodak Moments!

Neither boy wanted to be Tonto.

Every Halloween we attempt to line up our wriggling, impatient little ghosts and witches for a quick photo.  Back when film and developing was expensive we didn't have as many pictures of our children as we do in this digital Instagram...quickly post it on Facebook...world.  Since I have been working on family stories, I realized that I have very few pictures of my older children dressed for the costume parade and Trick or Treat...and none of me and my siblings.  Sometimes I wish I could go back in time with a digital camera and recapture all my missed moments.

Cute Little Devils!

Digging through albums, boxes and computer photo files I discovered that the majority of my Halloween snapshots are of my youngest daughter Sascha.  She's had various interesting looks over the years...so I thought it would be kind of fun to put all her strange and unique costumes on my blog for her to see and maybe be embarrassed by.  These are mainly from her high school and college years. 

She called this look "Priestess of Cain."

Danged if I know...lol!

Sailor Moon...this is pretty recent!

Gomez Addams

Demented "Alice."  Not shown...bloody knife in White Rabbit.

Lol!  Still haunting the halls of Lone Peak High.

I miss those days when my children were young and holidays were a joyful madness.  They each had a "scathingly brilliant" costume idea that they forgot to tell me about until just before the big day.  Remember the scramble to find the right accessories the store has been out of for days?  It's amazing what the kids could come up with if you just told them "No, I will not stay up all night and sew your costume!"  Where was Martha Stewart and her brilliant no-sew last minute ideas?

I miss the class parties and costume parades.  Sadly schools are moving away from holiday celebrations and costumes have to be "politically correct."  At my granddaughter's middle school, they can't dress up in costume, but they can wear "tutus" over their jeans.  I bet there will be a lot of really creative little fluffy skirts on Halloween.  Will any boys be bold enough to join them?  We'll see.

Long live costume parades!

Have fun and take pictures!

A Few More Costumes
Weird Al...Halloween 2014
Sascha couldn't decide between Afro Al or Alanis Morrisette Al.

Devil Child
Note to self...do not glue devil horns on with rubber cement!

I have no memory of this!


Musings from Kim K. said...

Love this post. I'm guessing my mother would say the exact same thing. I don't remember seeing very many pictures of my childhood Halloween costumes and now I have a zillion pictures of my girls doing every little thing! Happy Halloween memories, Shirley!

Margaret said...

I don't have a siongle photo of myself in Halloween costumes. I do remember being a witch most every year! Your daughter has a creative costume imagination! So cool! Thanks for sharing. Maggie


Kids just want to have a little fun!
It is too bad that they can't. Love the old black & white photos.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Great photos Shirley, so much fun. My mom didn't take a single Halloween pic of me boo hoo!

I think my husbands school still has a Halloween parade, I'll have to ask him.

I'm having a little Halloween GIVEAWAY!

Happy week!

Tammy's in Love said...

I love family traditions! We had lots of home-made costumes; a dice, a robot, a box of popcorn. Our kids always got lots of compliments!

Jann Olson said...

Oh yes, miss the olden day Halloweens! Your daughter came up with some great costumes! Love Gomez and the Sailor. You certainly couldn't buy costumes like you can now. You either made them. bought one with a plastic mask, or got really creative. Loved all of the photos you shared!