Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spoolie Swaps...The Threads That Tie Us Together!

What to do with an empty spool?
The Threads That Tie Us Together...
I really miss the days when sewing thread came on wooden spools.  There is something about the warmth and texture of wood that gladdens my heart.  I just don't feel that love for the lowly plastic things we have now.  My Grandma Patta kept every empty spool for as long as I could remember.  She was a doll collector...I can't recall a time when she wasn't making dolls or dressing them in fancy gowns.  She even sewed doll clothes to order at Christmas time...Barbie, Chatty Cathy, Patty Play Pal,  Madame Alexander...she made wonderful outfits for them all.  Even G.I. Joe!  I often tagged along with her and Grandpa Rich to thrift stores and yard sales looking for trims and pieces of fancy fabrics for her creations.  Don't we all do that now?  The thought makes me smile!
Grandma Patta and Grandpa Rich...50th Anniversary
My Grandparents were the perfect team.  Grandma dressed the dolls and Grandpa made the doll furniture.  That's where the empty spools came in.  Grandpa made wonderful Barbie-size wardrobes with sliding doors, perfect little upholstered chairs and sofas and the cutest beds you've ever seen.  The spools were stacked to make four-poster beds with wooden beads for finials.  Grandma made the pillows and mattresses...with a quilt and pillow cases of course!  No wonder I believed they worked for Santa. My Christmas Secret.
Years later I found a 3 ft. tall cardboard barrel in their was full of wooden spools!  Grandpa Rich was still alive then and he graciously let me take it home.  I have enjoyed many years of crafting with those spools.  But until recently I had never heard of a "Spoolie" or "Spoolie Swap."  I am still learning the art of making a unique decoration incorporating a wooden spool...but OMGoodness it has sure been fun!
Valentine Spoolie Swap!
Wooden spools are some of the threads that tie me to my it makes perfect sense that making and exchanging items created from spools can tie us together as friends.  Valentines Day is the perfect time to show our friends how much they mean to us...and swaps are a way to meet new friends and get to know our current ones better.  I was so happy when Sue of It's a Very Cherry World decide to host a Valentine Spoolie Swap.   My partner was Mariah of designsby2 and it's been a pleasure to get to know her and visit her blog.
Mariah's Creation...

Stacked Scrabble Tiles...
So creative!
The Key to My Heart!
Sweetheart Pin Cushion...sealed with XXX Kisses.

Just right in my tiny vintage tin kitchen.
Thank you so much, Mariah!
This was her first swap and I hope she will keep on "swapping!" 
 A Spoolie for Mariah!
Red, Aqua and Pixie Elves...Happy Favorites!
Cute Little Face...
The mischievous twinkle in the eyes reminds me of Granddaughter Marley.
Had to make know how it!
Time now to think of Spring...
Have the Loveliest of Valentines Days!
A Few Sewing Theme Valentines...For Spoolie Lovers!


Sally Annie Magundy said...

Such darling spoolies you both made, Shirley!

Thanks so much for sharing the valentine graphics, those are some of the cutest I've seen.

Happy weekend!

Tammy's in Love said...

I love the story and now I know why there are 4 little wooden spool feet on my patriotic box you made me! I just love the elf as a valentine cupid! Really fun project!


Using scrabble letters, fun idea! Your elf is darling! Happy Valentine's Day!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Such cute spoolies, and such a fun swap! Your spoolie with the elf is just adorable!! So cute! Thanks for sharing such sweet graphics too! :) xo Holly

Musings from Kim K. said...

I love reading about your grandparents and how they made doll clothes and doll furniture. So sweet! Your spool is fabulous. Your elf is darling. It's been fun seeing everyone's creative spin on their spool.

SueLovesCherries said...

Shirley, so happy you got a good swap partner! I love the one you made - there's just something about red and aqua!

chris mckinley said...

Lovely gifts received and lovely gifts sent!!! Love the stacked letters and the valentine knee huggers!!

Sandy McClay said...


Amazing spoolies!!!!! Just love them, you are so creative! What a wonderful story to go with the swap...:) I can tell your grandparents meant as much to you as mine did to me! :)

Jann Olson said...

Oh the spoolies you made are just precious Shirley! Love the little cups they are sitting on. I mailed mine to the UK last week, but haven't received mine yet. Can't wait!

Cheryl said...

I love spoolies.... how lucky you are to have been in that swap. I always miss them! Bummer.
big hugs,