Monday, December 30, 2013

My New Year's Top 10 Countdown!

Happy New Year! 
Ring Out Wild Bells!

You all are probably tired of New Year's Top 10 lists...but I promise this one has a twist...if you stay on this ride until it comes to a full and complete stop!

Zetta's Apron's Top 10 Countdown!
Quick Craft...Parade of Easter Peeps!

Christmas Crafts...Vintage Tins!

Vintage Vacations...Yellowstone!

Halloween Family Traditions!
Fairyland Park...and the Carousel of Happiness!

Disney Halloween Carnival...Vintage Holiday Fun!

Pinterest Inspired...Pot Lids Pumpkins!

Mystery of the Nauvoo Angel!

High School Years...Homecoming 1972!

Pilgrims and Pioneers...Family History at Thanksgiving!

Spammer's Choice Award!
And the award for the post with the most absurd number of views...3760...and comments by spammers goes to...

Lehi Roller Mills...Flour Sack Pillows!

I accept this award for you, my dear, dear bloggie friends...
...because I never want to make you prove you're not a robot!

Thank You for a Wonderful Year! 


PixieVintage said...

Oh my, those Easter chicks are soooo darling! And I love the candle lights in the Christmas tins. I went out to the clearance sales and bought some extra electric candles so I will be able to make these next year. Happy New Year to you!

Tammy's in Love said...

Cute rememberies...I was there for all of 'em! Why do you have a link to Two Crazy Crafters at the bottom of your post? I've been seeing them on a lot of people's posts...odd.

Perfectly Printed said...

Too funny! Love visiting your blog!

Margaret said...

You are the best! Always make me smile! I think I love those Christmas tins the best! Happy New Year! Love, Maggie

Linda Ruthie said...

Happy New Year Shirley!
Loved your top 10 list. I'm hoping to get more posts on my blog in 2014. If I didn't spend so much time on Pinterest, I'd get more done. LOL!
Best wishes to you for the new year.

Musings from Kim K. said...

Happy New Year! Your creative posts and collections always puts a smile on my face!



~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

What a wonderful top 10 and a great review!! Such cute crafts too! Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year sweet Shirley!!! xo Holly

vivian said...

Happy new Year Shirley! Heres to another year of blogging and friendship!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Thank you for believing that I'm not a robot!

I don't know why but I never get spam- not once since 09. Maybe because I moderate my comments?

Happy New year!

Patti said...

Your blog is always tons of fun and inspirational, too! Love the potlid pumpkin and the little chicks all dressed up! Oh, I need more time! Happy 2014! Patti

LBP said...

Happy New Year Shirley! Wishing the best for your and your family!