Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Vintage Vacations...Oatman, AZ on Route 66!

Vintage Vacation...Oatman, Arizona!

Arizona's desert landscape...
My dad and his wife Geri love to spend the winters in Bullhead Arizona...along with everyone from "Beautiful British Columbia" and other cold states and provinces.  He knows of my love of mining towns and told me about Oatman, located in the hills outside Bullhead.  He never mentioned that it was at the end of a 14 mile dirt road...but that's another story.  He also never mentioned that we could also access this town on Route 66 out of Kingman...so we drove from Vegas to Laughlin and across the river to Bullhead.  Actually, it was more fun to take the scenic route...bumping along through the desert.

Roadside Memorial..."Thumper!"
Arizona seems to have more of these than any other state I've visited.

Shopping for Souvenirs...lol!
On our drives, George likes to collect large rocks for his flower beds.  He also purchased a large rusty water pump...from the "Mantiques" department of a local Oatman shop.
The first sign of "Danger!"

Rush Hour...
When we finally reached the junction with Route 66...mercifully paved...we got caught in noon rush hour traffic.  The town is full of burros...descendants of the miners' animals.  When the mines closed the animals were left to their own devices. The local burros are "wild"...but you wouldn't know it.  They all have names and are petted and fed by locals and tourists.  The town wouldn't exist without them.  Every store sells Burro Chow...some kind of hay cookies.  Several smaller burros had stickers on their foreheads...saying something like "I am a baby...do not feed me."

Welcoming Committee!
What happens if you open your window to take a picture...lol!

Oatman is proud of its connection to the "Mother Road."

Sign at the entrance to town tells of its mining history and the burros' place in that history.
They are protected by Federal law as "Living Symbols of the Old West."

My new friend took a bite out of my little brown bag containing vintage cookie cutters.
I didn't know that Burro Chow was sold in identical little brown bags

Random Oatman Architecture...

Inside the Oatman Hotel
Clark Gable and Carole Lombard slept here on their honeymoon.
They were married in Kingman.

The Oatman Hotel Restaurant...
The walls  and ceilings are completely covered with thousands of signed $1 bills!

Yummiest patty melt and their special "Burros Ears" giant potato chips.
Seriously...some were about a foot long!

A little after-lunch exploration.
The sign says it all...he's mine!
George is losing a lot of weight...but still wears his "fat pants"...lol!

Random rusty artifacts.

On our way back to Vegas via 66 to Kingman.

One more cool sighting on the Mother Road.
In some ways, Oatman reminded me of Radiator Springs in the movie "Cars"...before the characters took renewed pride in their little town. 

Thank you for joining me
on this Vintage Vacation

PS...here are some vintage Route 66 graphics...enjoy!


Tammy's in Love said...

OH! OH! OH! Pretty Route 66 pix! Love the shared post card images too! I did a scrapbook of the trip to see Sandy & Meri last April with a Rt 66 theme, love it!

Musings from Kim K. said...

Yippee for Route 66! I loved our Route 66 trip. Keep the pictures coming!

vivian said...

Shirley! looks like a great trip! my husband used to live in AZ and loved it and my son lived there a while when he went to Volvo school. I have never been there though and would love to go someday.. I just hate traveling though! (that could get in the way dont ya think? lol!)
anyways.. glad you had a good time!

Blessed Serendipity said...

Bet it was fun feeding all the donkeys. I have never heard of Oatman and I live in AZ. Hope you had lots of fun while vacationing.

xo Danielle

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Looks like a great vacation trip, love the donkeys! :) Have a lovely day! xo Holly