Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jack-in-the-Box...Halloween Style!

Jack-in-the-Boxes Scare Me!
I posted this picture a few months ago when I wrote about the "Fear of Clowns." Coulrophobia!  What is it about these cute little Mattel toys that are so terrifying?  I remember how when I was very small, I couldn't bear the suspense of turning the little box playing...and waiting for the "Pop! Goes the Weasel."  I hated it every...single...time!  Even to this day it bothers me.  I also hate popping balloons and opening the Pillsbury biscuit tin. =D  So what is more natural than to turn "baby's first nightmare" into a couple of fun Halloweenies?

Meet Charlie...
He is all in blacks and creams...mounted on a rusty bedspring inside the box.
He's more of a bobble head...but he is in a box!

Charlie is a harlequin clown kind of guy.
I love this moon face!
The box legs are striped with paper strips...cause I can't paint!

Wooden moons and paper rosettes.
I'm adding him to my Haunted Village.
I hope to make more buildings in a "Night Circus" theme.
I used the same paper for Charlie's box as I did for my village.

Here is last year's Charlie Moon.
He's a fun guy!

 Happy Owl-oween!

This is Thomas Owlbert...named after my Dad!
He's wise...always thinking outside his box.
The side of Owlbert's box.

Wooden spool legs match Owlbert's hat.
He just perches inside the jumping out and scaring people!
Doing a bit of Christmas gift crafting...
Play food for my youngest Grand, McKinley.
Vintage labels modge-podged to painted wooden blocks.
Each block has two different foods...front and back.
She loves I found a bandaid label.

Had to make a box to store them in.

Luckily they fit!
Kinley will be three in December.
Santa is bringing her a shopping cart and cash register.
One gift down...about a zillion to go!
So...what are y'all up to today?
Three more days 'til September...
then I'm getting my Fall on!


Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

Shirley, you have totally outdone yourself with your moon box! That is so, SO cool and the kind of thing I'd expect to be selling for big $$ as one-of-a-kind folk art. It's really, really wonderful!

Little Thos. Owlbert is just darling. :) Do you happen to know who makes that darling owl paper you used for his hat? I really love it.

I'm headed to your neck of the woods for the weekend! My DH has been at Camp Williams doing some training since the beginning of the month and still has almost a month to go. Blech! Excited to head over and see him and my folks for the weekend. I might even be able to sneak in a trip to fleaology since I'm finally going to be there on the right weekend!

Margaret said...

I totally agree with you about jack in the box toys! To me it all goes back to the clowns are just so darn terrifying! With the box now they are jumping out at you! But I love your moon box and those groceries you made are terrific! Gotta start them young liking vintage too!

Musings from Kim K. said...

How simply fantastic. I'm smitten with it all. It makes me so happy to find others who love Halloween as much as I do.

Tammy's in Love said...

Super Duper Shirley! Love the colors of those papers! I don't have clown fear but I did have that very Mattel Jack in the Box when I was little! Something fun from childhood that didn't make it to my adult collections! Speaking of treats to go with those Halloween cuties: POM POMS! A happy little walk down memory lane: Yes Please!

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

You are so awesome! You should start your own line of crafts, you really are talented!!

710southmain said...

Your work is wonderful! I love all of your Halloween projects and I especially love the "food boxes" you made--brilliant!

I'm with you on opening canned biscuits...gets me every time.

ImagiMeri said...

Wow, you're really going all out! Your Halloween boxes are amazing. Stay tuned for my giveaway this's Halloween themed!


vintage grey said...

Love your moon box Shirley!! So creative you are!! Love all the papers and sweet touches!! xo Heather

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Love the moon box and the cute owl! Such sweet touches you've added to so many things! Wishing you a lovely long weekend! xo Holly

Laura Adams said...

WOW Shirley! You sure come up with the cutest, coolest stuff! I love the jack in the box remakes. I really hate scary clowns. I love what you did with the vintage food labels ...I want to do that someday when I have a grand daughter :)

Jann Olson said...

I just knew you'd be up to some early Hallow fun! Love your fun boxes! I agree, popping things are scary. I always turn my head when I pop open the biscuits. lol! I think I have that same pumpkin that you used in the first box. I have a fun new black owl that I will give a hat for Halloween. The groceries are so cute. I just bought a small vintage shopping cart.