Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Lovely Dotty Swap Gifts!

Going Dotty!
I couldn't wait to unwrap the dotty tissue paper to see what my swap partner Betsy fromThe Little Red Hen at Home had sent me.  Look at all the red and aqua happiness!  I've been loving that color combination lately...as my endless Pinboards will attest...and sweet Betsy picked up on it.  All her gifts were handmade...I feel so special!  I wish I could say I made all of Betsy's gifts myself...but I didn't even remember to take a picture, so excited was I to get them in the mail.

What Betsy made...
The Dear Dotty Apron.
I've decided there must always be an apron in this spot on the kitchen wall.

Sweet Coordinating Potholder
It has joined the apron on the kitchen wall...too cute to be separated!

Pincushion Notion Jar
I've pinned several of these because I love them so much...

...for now it joins my Zetta Letters in my office!

Thank You, Dear Betsy!
And thanks to Holly of Cutie Pie Cottage for hosting such a fun swap!
Well done!

Cute Dotty Cherry Mugs...

Cutest Enamelware Mugs!
I picked these up at the D.I. thrift store for 50 cents each!
Could make cute Valentines gifts next year.

The Wedding is over at last...
I intended to post pictures of  the wedding decorations...but in the happy chaos I forgot to take my camera!  Fortunately the photographer graciously photographed all my decor...but I haven't received a picture disk yet...when I do I will be excited to show you how nice everything looked.  It was a lovely evening!

Happy Valentines Day!


Little Susie Home Maker said...

Very wonderful, Shirley! I love your wall! I think your colors that Betsy picked up on are really pretty! I will also be looking forward to see the wedding decore!

Linda Ruthie said...

Happy Valentine's Day Shirley! You sent and received such fun swaps.

Sarah said...

It all looks great! She was so excited when she found out she was partners with you. And she LOVED what you got her!

Can't wait to see pictures of the wedding!

Betsy said...

Hi Shirley,

Of course my eye went directly to the cute things the apron is hanging with! I love how you decorate!

It really was such a fun swap and I'm so glad we were partners.

I'm looking forward to seeing pictures from the wedding!


grammycarolynn (flickr) said...

Oh, my goodness......Another RED lover! It is such a happy color...and my very favorite! Oh, what lovely treasures you've been blessed with, my friend!
Warmest wishes,

Mark said...

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