Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Village Houses!

Little Putz Houses...
I love finding those little Japanese carboard, snowflocked houses.  These became increasingly popular after WWII, but were not as fancy as the German ones.  My Christmas collector guide book shows several different styles, but most had mica snow, cellophane windows and little bottle brush trees.  Many included a round opening on the back to insert a Christmas light to illuminate the windows.  The little house on the left was an orphan that I "refurbished" for Rick-Rack and Gingham's ornament swap.  It's only 2 1/2" tall.  I love rescuing the less-than-perfect houses because I can get them for a dollar or two.  If perfect, that same little house would be worth $15-$25, according to the guide.

Decorating with Village Houses...

Hanging from a garland

A village on a shelf in the hallway.
The church is recent.  The houses are larger than most and I needed a bigger church.

Shelf Detail.

Mantel Christmas Village.

Mantel detail. 
The houses are new, but I used vintage pinecone and spun cotton people...and Rudolph.

Used in a shadow box.
This house looked like it was made of logs...perfect for a rustic look.

Two More Shadow Boxes...

Rudolph's New Home.
(Sorry about the lighting)

Modern German-style wooden buildings and game piece letters.
I have a real German set of small village buildings that I plan to put in a shadow box at some future date.

When I went through my tubs this year, I couldn't believe how many little orphan houses I had "adopted" over the years.  Some new snow and a few little trees and toys and they could brighten Christmases for many years to come.   So come on, dear friends...open your hearts and your homes to these sweet little houses.


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

You have a very nice collection!

I would be glad to open my heart and home to orphan houses but ALAS! I never find them! I won a tiny one in a give away a couple years ago but that's it! :(

Nan said...

Hi Shirley thanks for your interest in posting over on Retired in Alaska. its interesting how you learned to sew about the date of this dress I'm making. For me I try and stay away from shoulder pads and sleeves that puff up at all as I have swimmers shoulders that need no help at all! Thanks for the lesson on the little houses. I love them and have admired them for years. Of course I can't find them up here in Alaska. I made one last year from a tutorial on the net and that was fun, however my house is not the best, not like yours.

Cindy said...

Did you notice which one I chose for me. It was so hard to choose. I will be keeping my eyes open for these cuties from now on. I love how you have used them in your villages...they are darling! Thank you again for being in the swap.

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Lynn said...

Shirley, Looking at your decorations an displays are like looking at pictures in a magazine. I think you should send pictures of your home to Country Sampler for publication!!! I am so inlove with these little houses! I am so honored to have received one of your houses in the ornament swap! I will cherish it always!