Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Halloweenies...Jacks Are Wild!

Wouldn't you love to find this old game?

Jacks Are Wild!
My favorite Halloween symbols are Jack O' Lanterns and Black Cats.  I have so much fun creating the folk arty pumpkin heads out of paper clay...I use Das brand.  As I began digging through my holiday totes I realized that I have created a whole patch of grinning pumpkin head figures over the years.  Today I put the finishing touches on my newest Jack and can't wait to share him with you.  I am including two or three past Jacks as well.  It's fun to be inspired by old tins.

Magic Jack!
He is about 15 inches tall.
Painted a dollar store party hat...embellished with wooden stars and moon.

My sister Patti found this unique tin for me at Treasures Antiques in Springville.
I love the colors...dark navy and sweet potato.
The base is a child's pie tin

What makes this tin special is that the product was made here in Salt Lake City...
and is good for polishing bowling!

Jacks From Days Gone By... 
Bobble Jack on a bed spring...2012
I used a  small round paper mache box lid as a base for the head to be attached.

Shadow Box Jack...2013
Half-round heads are easy to make.

Sir Rolly Jack...I posted him last month.
I did find him a the snowman accessories at Hobby Lobby.

Black Cat Jar...

Paper Clay cat head on an empty maple syrup jar.

His features are a little wobbly...folk art, right?

The label is one of my favorite trick-or-treat sack images.
I printed it on sticker I don't get glue on the glass.
The candy corn filling is intended to be decorative rather than edible.

Back to working on the front porch!

PS...I found two great spice tins on my travels.  I am including the images for you.

The best cinnamon tin I've come across...from Treasures.

Cool Ben-Hur tin...from pal Paula's booth at Treasures


Shelley Kuhn said...

love it


You have the clay creations down to a science!! They are perfect for Halloween. I think I need to get my fall decor on the mantle.

Deanna said...

I love the cat label with the candy corn. Adorable!

donna said...

Oh I am so ready for Fall. It is time to start decorating.

Margaret said...

Jack o lanterns and black cats are my favorites too! Those containers are awesome. I have a hard time finding such great containers so I end up buying pumpkin pie filling and there are a few brands that have a retro style label so I will use them...oh, and of course I must make something yummy to eat with the contents :) Love your creativity. maggie

Musings from Kim K. said...

This has been such a crazy couple of weeks with new semester start-up. I'm so glad I had some time to catch up on your blog. You know Jack o lanterns and black cats are my favorites too! We are kindred Halloween spirits! Your work is just fantastic. Lots of inspirational ideas.

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Love that black cat! You have such a good eye for color, Shirley. I love everything you make!

Linda said...

I love the black cat. Lovely vintage items! :)

Have a Daily said...

Just bought 3 Watkins tins off of Instagram. Can I come craft with you? lol!