Saturday, June 13, 2015

For Love of the Automobile!

Welcome to Lakeside Storage!

One sunny Saturday, we got our vintage kicks...but not on Route 66!  On the west side of Provo, Utah...not too far from the Boat a storage business called Lakeside Storage.  The owner has a deep and abiding love affair with the automobile...specifically the art of the gas station.  Since we weren't customers of the business, we asked at the office for permission to walk in and take a look around.  So much vintage happiness!  It made me want to pack up the car and hit the road...find another piece of Route 66 to explore!  That, my friends, is what summertime is all about!

 Road Art Gallery!

I love the re-purposed Phillips 66 sign!

Every corner was filled with color...I could hardly believe the variety!

All the old pumps just happened to have glass tops in perfect condition.
I think the collector was able to find reproductions from a restoration specialist.

My favorite...Superman's phone booth!  
The glass was too little hazy from recent rains to get a clear picture of the Man of Steel.

I'm itchin' to travel somewhere...

PS...A few Vintage Vacation graphics to get you in the mood...


Have a Daily said...

Wow, love this Shirley! I did not know this business exited. Need to take a drive to Provo and see. I have often thought of doing a post about the fun collector station just below the hospital. Hitting the road is so much fun! Hubby and I just got home a couple days ago of doing just that. We road tripped it to CO and had a ball!

Mecky said...

Oh I would love to visit that place. I love the idea of the Superman in the phone booth.

Linda said...

Oh, What a cool place to visit, thanks for sharing.

Musings from Kim K. said...

What an amazing collection. We can't wait for Our upcoming road trip to Yellowstone.

Tammy's in Love said...

Just love the picture post cards and RT 66 memorabilia! If I weren't homeless I'd be inspired to get my banner out of the RT 66 states that I made a couple years ago! Just two more days till Back to the 50's here in MN and 12,000 classic cars and Street Rods converge on the State Fairgrounds in St. Paul!