Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Late Summer Crafting....Howlets and Ghouliwogs!

I Heart Howlets!
You may ask...What is a Howlet?  It's an old Scottish word for owls or owlets that I discovered during my "I Heart All Things Scottish"!  I think I first saw it in the lyrics in the liner notes of a  Dougie MacLean CD...either that or it was in a Robbie Burns poem...I forget.  But I really, really like it!  I thought I would make some "Howlets" for my front porch. 
I usually turn to my old stand-by crows and sunflowers for late summer.  When I dug out my "remarkably realistic crows wearing plaid scarves" I noticed that their feathers had faded even more than I remembered.  It was time to send them to the Old Crows Home in the Sky.  Or I could give their feathers a dye job with some black paint and give them another year...we'll see.
Kitchen Junk Windchime 
Used a four-sided cheese grater for the base.
The large holes look like feathers.

Rusty wire and odd bits make a face.
Jar Lid Howlets
I got the idea for these from Pinterest...of course.
Super easy...the hardest part was finding the old lids.
The red and yellow things were from my pal Paula's booth at Treasures.

Late Summer Door Décor! 
Sunflowers and Howlets.
Wreath with Ghouliwog.
"Gouliwog" is my new made-up name for whatever that is.

Old rusty cheese grater and assorted junk.
I love the toothy mouth.
I am making a few more for Halloween.
More Mushrooms...
I was a little late to the "Toadstools in the Garden" party.
But they look really cute under the lilac bush.
Tallest is about 24".
Found wooden bowl at thrift store and red pots at Hobby Lobby
for 80% off.  Too lazy to paint spots...they're vinyl.
The kids in the neighborhood went back to school yesterday.  I don't know why that makes me happy, but I'm already feeling my "Fall into Halloween" good crafting mood.  Of course it's rained for two days...but the acorns are starting to fall off some of the scrub oaks in the Highland Glen park.  I will be picking up pocketsful on my walks around the "wee loch" in the glen.  Maybe I'll see some Howlets with's been known to happen.
Happy Fall Crafting!
A Few Interesting "Howlets."  For Whoooo?



TOO CUTE!!! The owl made from a grater and those baby owls are so SWEET!
I hope you will join my swap! It's easy and fun!
Just LOVE your new owl friends.

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

Howlets!! I love them. You've been busy, I really like your front door decor,

Linda said...

Love your Howlets!!! I just love anything made from junque.

Sandy McClay said...

This post just makes me happy!!!! LOVE the jar lid owls....where do you find all of these lids? At your friend's shop???? Love them!
Cannot wait until it is time for orange! :)

Musings from Kim K. said...

Your owls are fantastic! I can't wait to share this owlet post with my Mom and sister. You always have the best ideas.

LBP said...

WOW! Where to begin! I love all of your Howlets! Your fall crafts are just adorable. I am sooo going to be a copy cat! I need Howlets!



Patti said...

Amazing! Talk about cute! I have one old lid if I can find it. Your talents inspire me

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said... fun! :) Love all their faces and those cute crazy eye brows! Love your owl friends and they look so inviting by your front door!! :) So cute! Happy Friday!! xo Holly

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Love your Howlets, Shirley, so darling!

Happy weekend!