Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Lucky Charms...Secret Leprechaun Swap!

Secret Leprechaun Swap!
This lad is just a little too happy!
I think I know why Padraig the Leprechaun is so happy...he got to play Secret Leprechaun Swap with us!  Vivian from Viv Out on a Whim was the hostess.  She assigned us each a secret friend to bless with Leprechaun treasures.  My secret partner was Chris of  Perfectly Printed.  I have one of Chris's friendship banners for my garland of blogland friends...she makes lovely cards and tags!  And she knows how to make a secret pal feel special!
Chris...My Secret Leprechaun!
Packages of Leprechaun treasure tied up in lovely laces!

Funny little Leprechaun with his pipe and bag-full o'gold!
He is my first ever St. Patrick's Day decoration.
A fine top hat embellished with "lucky charms."

What could be in this pretty candy box? 

Treasures galore!
One day I'll get the knack of making beautiful tags and cards like this!

Tag back...even the backsides are pretty!
Kitty Luna thinks the writing on the back of this tag should say "Purrrfectly Printed."

Kitty Luna thinks these socks are the "cat's meow!"
She was NOT parting with them without a fight!
For Swap Partner Kim K.
I wanted to see if I could fit everything in this box...almost made it!
I got to be Secret Leprechaun to Kim of Musings From Kim K.
A little Irish lass (or colleen) on a shamrock card.

I made a matching "boyo" for friend Tammy.

Little garland tags clip to rick-rack with matching glitter clothes pins.
Bag o' Truffles

Funny chenille Leprechauns hoarding their precious gold coins.
Another Fun Holiday Swap!
Thank you Chris, Viv and Kim!


Musings from Kim K. said...

What fun this swap has been. Chris always makes the neatest things. I never decorated for St. Patrick's before and it's been fun seeing what other's have made and received. I didn't know you also had a kitten named Luna. We love our Luna. She's quite a busy little furball. Happy St. Patrick's!

Tammy's in Love said...

Now that hat is adorable! You are a lucky girl with all those four leafed clovers! Thanks for the leprechaun visitors who made their way north to the tundra to visit me too!

Sally Annie Magundy said...

What fun things you gave and received Shirley! This has been a fun swap, hasn't it?

Your Luna is so precious, such gorgeous eyes.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Everything is soo cute!! Looks like you got some great treasures! And love what you sent too!! :) Happy St. Patrick's Day!! xo Holly


Another great swap! I think everyone made lovely treasures!

donna said...

What a great treasures. So much cuteness.