Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Sweet Nest Swap!

For Love of Nests...
Before the leaves unfurled on their branches, one could count the nests left empty when summer called it a day.  I never realized just how many little birds had made their homes in my yard.  There is something so hopeful about a beginnings and promises in little speckled eggs.  Easter came and went too quickly this spring...almost before we could count our colored eggs...leaving April out of the festivities.  Easter should always be in my humble opinion.  There is more blue in an April sky...more hope for flowering things. 

So April became a month of nests.  We fuss about like mother birds...fluffling, arranging, and organizing our nests.  And we place nests in cozy corners....filled with eggs...or baby dolls...or fairies.  Then we exchange nests with others!  Vivian of viv out on a whim organized a large number of women suffering from Spring Fever...and we had it bad...into partners for a Nest Swap.  Each would make her partner the most "stinkin' cute" nest and send it winging on its way...but only when it was "too cute to give away."  That was the rule.  I am learning to make two of everything because I have a hard time parting with some of my creations.  I am sure I'm not the only one.  I have seen some beautiful examples of "thinking outside the box."  This community not only sparks sets it ablaze.  Isn't it wonderful!

My Nest from Holly...
The Garland says "Happy" which is how this darling nest makes me feel!
The tiny pennants are only 1/2 inch in size.
Little Figaro patiently waits for the eggs to!
Cute Holly from Damita's Pretty Wrap was my partner in this sweet swap.

Peat Pot sweetly wrapped in burlap.
And she had another surprise in store for me...

 Beautiful silver nest with pearl eggs.
I have seen these on Pinterest and wished for one.
Holly made it herself...I could hardly believe it!
Thank you, Holly.  I love it so much!

My Supply Swap Pillow...

I told you I would be making something from this vintage card.
Dorothy of HensRule was my partner...who simply spoiled me.

Postcard printed on fabric.
Sewn to white burlap...I left the polkadot fabric's edges raw.
Colors are brighter than the picture shows.
Jo-Ann has some fabric that is supposed to take the ink better,
but I am pleased with how it turned out.
And I like how it looks on my comfy office chair.
Thanks, Dorothy!
Have a lovely evening!



I'm loving the nests that I've seen from the swap! Each one is so unique! I'll post mine soon! Love how the pillow turned out!
Happy Weekend!

vivian said...

what a sweet little post! I'm so loving seeing everyones nests! I used to have everyone email me pics of their swap pieces and then I would post them all on my blog, but it got to be really overwhelming trying to collect them all and then keeping them straight whose was whose.. So with a bigger swap I cant do that anymore. but nesting was a fun swap! I'm glad so many joined in the fun!
have a great weekend and a Happy Mothers day!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Such a fun swap! I'm so glad you liked your nest and nest necklace. You've been such a lovely swap partner, thank you!! It's been nice getting to know you better! I'll be posting today about yours :) Hope you have a great weekend & Happy Mother's Day! xo Holly

The Faerie Factory said...

Oh my I do love a toadstool, so pretty and clever. Sarah x

VintageBettys said...

Oh wow that little nest from Holly is darling, and that necklace is so sweet! Amazing job on your toadstool postcard pillow it really is so pretty and unique!