Monday, April 1, 2013

Talkin' Pictures...Our Life in Movie Quotes!

Our Video Store in the 1990's
The hideous minivan was mine...a car so wretched that it's
name was Jean-Claude the Damn Van.  But that's another story.
Top Hat Video! 
Once upon a time...the 90s to be exact...the Hatfield family owned a small shopping center in the Salt Lake area called Fox Crossing.  When the video store went bankrupt...the Hatfields decided to take it over and join a chain of video stores called Top Hat Video.  We always loved movies...but now the movies became our lives.

"Top Hat" the movie our store was named after.
Our colors were hot pink and black...I know, right?
Our whole family worked teenagers had to be driven from Highland to the Salt Lake Valley several times a week after school.  My job was merchandising...decorating the store...and movie purchasing.  Our weekends were spent at the movie theater and each summer we went to Vegas for the big Video Convention, where we met studio reps and movie stars promoting their lastest flicks.  I was there when Will Wheaton announced that he quit his role as Wesley Crusher on Star Trek the Next Generation because "I wanted to grow as an actor." It was quite a life...until a Blockbuster and a Hollywood Video moved in within a couple of blocks of our little store. Suddenly "Mom and Pop" weren't cool anymore.  So we cut our losses and sold the store.  We thought we were leaving the movie life behind...but it was too ingrained in our psyches.  Like the episode of Star Trek where the alien race can only communicate in historical references...our family communicates in movie quotes.
Notable Quotables...
"I totally paused!"
We say this almost everyday...depending on who's driving.
Must use a "Valley Girl" inflection.

"Everybody remember where we parked."
My favorite Kirk they leave their ship in Golden Gate Park.
Used by us in every strange parking garage.
"Cap'n there be whales here!"
Mr. Scott...another favorite we will use for no reason.
Scottish accent is mandatory.

"Who's the moosiest moose we know...Marty Moose!"
A song we often sing on road trips to Disneyland.
"Okay, Sparky"
All of our daughters' boyfriends and husbands are known as "Sparky"
Some...the boyfriends...change so often we don't bother learning their names.

"Well, skin me alive and call me luggage!
Daddy Alligator...our expression of surprise.
Tiny Toons Vacation is one of our family's all-time favorites.
It's hard to find and isn' far as I know...on DVD.
"Happy World Land...Happy World Land...
where the fun doesn't stop, and only eighty bucks a pop,
at beautiful Happy World Land!"
More from Tiny Toons...we also sing this on the way to Disneyland.
Mystery Science Theater 3000...the most brilliant TV show and movie ever!
A lone astronaut...either Joel or stranded in space with a couple of wise-cracking robots.  For some evil villainess is torturing them by forcing them to watch really bad movies.  Her plot is foiled when they have too much fun heckling the movies. It's like sitting behind some college kids...or the boys from Big Bang Theory.  A few of my favorite quotes follow:
"This Island Earth"

"Science and Industry!"
"Big men putting screwdrivers into things...turning them...ADJUSTING THEM!"
This must be said in a droning voice like the voiceovers on those movies
we watched in school on the building of Hoover Dam.
I think of this every time that commercial for patenting your inventions comes on.
"Jack Frost" 
"Ivanuska...I have a new church hat!"
Funny little mushroom man...ridiculous "Russo-Finnish Coproduction."
More Family Favorites...

 The Best of the Rest"
As I got going on this post I realized that there are just too many great quotes and it's taking too much here is a list of more favorites...
"It's so stimulating...being your hat!"   Labyrinth
Often said when someone is boring us.
"I'm older and have more insurance"   Fried Green Tomatoes
I say this every time I get a good parking space before someone else can get there.
"Mother, I'm hungry."  101 Dalmations
Chubby puppy looked just like our son Geoff...who is always hungry!
English accent  preferred.
"It's not a tumor!"   Kindergarten Cop
When any of the kids would get a headache, we'd say "It's probably a tumor."
"There's no crying in baseball!" A League of Their Own.
Whenever the granddaughters cry about something stupid.
"Napoleon Dynamite"
"Tina, you lard...come and get some dinner!" 
"I caught you a delicious bass."
"Whatever I feel like...gosh!"
"...bring me my chapstick.  My lips hurt real bad."
I think I will end with Napoleon Dynamite...this our family at of the funniest movies ever made.  We will be quoting this film until the end of time.  I'll bet we're not the only family to do in quotes.  I'd be interested to hear from you what your favorites know you want to!
(Extra credit if you know which movie that is!)





Very sweet Easter spoolies you received! I"m a little behind in blogland!
LOVE this post! You guys have FUN in your home! LOL!!! Cool to learn about your "movie life"!
I hope you had a lovely Easter.

Tammy's in Love said...

We quote movies all the time too! Why bother inventing your own dialog when some screenwriter already did it better than we could anyway! "I'm standing here beside myself!" Short Circuit

Margaret said...

Love your post! I loved MYSTERY SCIENCE THATRE! I would laugh so hard!!! We are always quoting lines from Hocus Pocus in this house!

chris mckinley said...

My family uses quotes from movies too! They seem to be better at remembering the lines from movies than I am! I am sure your family ran an outstanding movie rental business!


vintage grey said...

So fun, and I love your van's name! Hope you share the story! Have a wonderful week! xo Heather

Sandy C said...

Inconceivable is from Princess Bride :) I got a kick out of your fav. movie lines! My fav. line is 'Hello my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die' .. lol! Have a great week!


LBP said...

LOL!!! We are a big movie quote family as well. Most of ours comes from Talledega Nights!! Of course now we are constantly quoting Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.

LBP said...

LOL!!! We are a big movie quote family as well. Most of ours comes from Talledega Nights!! Of course now we are constantly quoting Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty.

GardenofDaisies said...

What a wonderful name for a "wretched" van. :-) And I do agree, that Napoleon Dynamite is hilarious!

Jann Olson said...

Oh dear am I ever laughing! Our family does this too. My fave, in the voice of Arnold S. "I'll be back". Another weird thing I do is when someone says something that reminds me of a song I break out in song. And believe me, I can't sing worth a lick. Still, it doesn't stop me. Darn, I know I've heard incoonceivable, but for the life of me can't remember the movie. Fun post and I loved learning that you owned the Top Hat video. I remember the name.

Jann Olson said...

Oh my gosh, just read a comment about Si. My hubby is talking like him constantly. Hey, what's a girl to do, Jack?

Elizabeth Andrus said...

Hi Shirley, This is again a delightful post about your family. The two years I worked in the video section of a grocery store were such fun. I am such a fan of movies, and it is wonderful to see you are as well. My surgery was more involved than anticipated, more damage to knee and arthtitis removed. Have been struggling with nausea from anestisia and excessive bleeding. Hanging in there, husband such a help. Be back soon. E

Tresa@710southmain said...

This is such a cute and entertaining post. My sister and our daughters regularly quote "Steel Magnolia's"-- "He is a boil on the butt of humanity".

Have a great day!