Monday, March 4, 2013

More Easter Parade!

I love the face on this lamb!
Another Entry in the Easter Parade!

Easter Chick wears a crown of pink daisies, waving a fun banner!
I thought I had another lamb in my stash, but it was a white puppy instead.  I may still add him to the parade.  I didn't know I had this darling chick...all bright eyed and full of joy.

She wears a pink daisy in her hair.
The crown was made from drinking straws and pink felt daisies from Target $1 bins.

Peat Pot Lambie Basket.

Tiny jointed lamb came from Hobby Lobby's  doll house miniatures.

Bunny basket in creams and browns.
Tiny porcelain bunny is from Hobby Lobby.

Bunny Dome...$1 Store wine glasses.

Small trinket boxes...1.5" and 3"

Oval gift boxes about 9" in length to store Easter treasures.

Easter Topiaries...
Made from green fuzzy cones from Wal*Mart floral dept.
Yellow ceramic cupcake stands from Hobby Lobby.
Bunny cupcake picks and glitter eggs.

Inspired by...
Fluffy coffee filter wreath copied inspired by my friend Paula.
Hers is fluffier...need to get more filters!
Enjoy Your Easter Crafting!
Some Favorite Easter Graphics!

A Happy Easter!


chris mckinley said...

OMG!!! You have been busy lady! And your creations are just too cute for words!! I think I might "borrow" a few of your ideas!!! I just love these!

Warmly chris

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Oh my goodness!! Very very cute! Looks like you've been busy!! Thanks for the inspiration! Easter hugs! xo Holly

Jill said...

So cute!! I worked on a spoolie for most of the afternoon, it's time consuming!! But fun!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

What a happy parade! ♥

Margaret said...

Your post just made me so happy! What great ideas you have! Love, Maggie

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

LOL The chick planter IS bright eyed and full of joy! So darn cute!
You have been busy! I had to grab those pink felt flowers at Target too.
Great Job Shirley!
Erica :)


Loving your Easter parade and all the other sweet Easter treasures!
Love seeing what you have been creating!

Patti M said...

Such a lovely Easter parade. My personal favorite is the cute little chickie on the swing...adorable.....Patti M : )

Sandy said...


I love it all!!! I have yet to get my energy back from this illness, but I am hoping ti show sup anytime now...:)
I have a lot of ideas...:) It looks like you are having fun! Good!!!!

Tammy's in Love said...

Shirley, every time you make another round of trinket boxes they get cuter! You have a gift of thinking outside the boring box!

Elizabeth Andrus said...

Hi Shirley! I've got my planters ready to go and came back to see the "how to" only to find another absolutely adorable planter! This ones makes me smile with the party going on inside her head! So cute! I was worried my planters are too little, but it does look as though you couldn't fit too much inside them. I'll keep my fingers crossed!
Loved your carousel post, so interesting.
Always inspiring to visit here! Elizabeth

LBP said...

I have a little chick very similar to yours. I love the straw and daisy treatment you gave it! I have been making Easter stuuf too!!! It does my heart good to see all the pastel crafts!



LBP said...

I have a little chick very similar to yours. I love the straw and daisy treatment you gave it! I have been making Easter stuuf too!!! It does my heart good to see all the pastel crafts!



LBP said...

I have a little chick very similar to yours. I love the straw and daisy treatment you gave it! I have been making Easter stuuf too!!! It does my heart good to see all the pastel crafts!



Dorothy said...

Awesome Easter goodies you made, Shirley! I like the straw flowers and that peat pot decorated, so cute!

Lynn said...

You have outdone your self this time! I am in awe of each and everything you shared If you need more storage space I would be happy to take all of those cuties
for you!! LOL
Have a blessed week!
Lynn and the wienee crew minus one
very sweet girl,

VintageBettys said...

WOW! Your Easter parade is adorable!!!!!....I love that little chick :) Those trinket boxes are amazingly cute... you did such beautiful work on them...I have plain boxes ....what did you use to cover them? I think I might have to try that...because my boxes are cardboard and really boring.

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Shirley....I am in awe of your clever and darling creations. They are absolutely adorable.
I everything!

I've been at my sisters (on the other side of the mountains from home) for the past ten days and I am itching to get home and continue working on my Easter Swap goodies.
Thank you for sharing, my sweet friend.
Have a happy day,
Carolynn xoxo

Shelia said...

Hi Shirley! I'm popping over from Creative Breathing. Your little Easter darlings are just precious. I see you have the talent of making sweetness too like Elizabeth! I love it.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Scrap for Joy said...

I've just hopped over from Elizabeth's to see your parade figures. They are so sweet and creative. Imagine you and E working in the same studio for a day....2 crafting geniuses! Your other Easter creations are adorable as well. You are very imaginative. Thanks for so much inspiration!!

vivian said...

Shirley! Im loving all of your sweet easter treats! decorating the little planters like easter floats was a great idea!
I dont have any planters, but I DO have an easter parade! I will post pics this weekend.
I just love seeing everyones easter decorations!!
happy weekend

Pollyanna said...

How amazing are YOU!!! I love it all, so much color and so much great vintage goodness ... I clearly need to get back to hobby lobby!!!

vintage grey said...

Love, love it all Shirley!! Such Easter and spring inspiration!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a beautiful day! xo Heather

craftyles said...

How cute! I love all of them. Such a cute collection. Bring on Easter.

Anonymous said...

Oh - I wish I could come over and play in your craft space! You have made the cutest stuff - seriously cute. I love it all!

HollyC said...

Hey Shirley, thank you so much for the inspiration!! I have joined in on the Easter parade and made my first "float". These are so charming. I love your blog! Have a great night, Holly

ImagiMeri said...

Oh Shirley, all your crafts are wondrous! It's such a treat to stop by and see all the goodies everyone has or is making for this season.

Have a lovely week,