Friday, November 30, 2012

Let's Be Neighborly!

Neighbor Gifts...
One of my favorite Christmas traditions is to make something for each of the families on my block...which is in a cozy culdesac.  There are eight homes with eight wonderful families...the best of neighbors.  My rule of thumb is that I try to keep the price to around $5 per gift.  I can use my vintage stockpile of doodads which makes it extra fun!  The challenge of creating something cute on a budget is like Jazzercise for my creativity.   I'm posting some pictures of  neighbor gifts from days gone by.  They are in no particular order.

Paper Clay Snowmen Candy Jars.

I used a vintage Santa mug...the ribbons, bells, and little figures are from my stash.
I cannot pass up even one of these mugs...I have dozens of them!
One year I hung them all around my front door.

Rustic Cone Ornaments...greenery and vintage doodads.

Mod Podge Postcard Candy Boxes...I still love to make these!

"Gingerbread" framed Santa pictures.

Some Hostess Gifts...rag ball snowmen heads on the jars.

Homemade Vanilla...alcohol is hard to buy in I got my vodka at a Walmart in Nevada.
(Note:  has to be made several months in advance)
Christmas 2011...Wisemen Jars.
It's hard to see, but there is a postcard of wisemen following the silver star.
The tag reads "Wise Men Still Seek Him."
The jars were from Deseret Book...nice cannisters for later.
Just a Hint...
Just a wee peak...Christmas 2012.
I don't want to show too much...a couple of my neighbors visit my blog.
Thanks to Kim K ...I bought all the darling little snowmen at my Target.
OMGoodness...they are cute!
Are you in the Holiday Spirit yet?
Merry Christmas, Sweet Friends!


Old Fashioned Gal said...

That is so sweet of y'all to do! We have one neighbor. We really enjoy their company when we run into one another. They have 2 little girls around my step daughter's age so we try to let them play together as much as possible. I have thought about making them a plate of Christmas goodies along with friends and family this year. After seeing your post, I think I definitely will now! :)

Creative Breathing said...

What a lovely tradition! Each year your gifts were so thoughtful. I'm a cookie deliverer; baking day is soon approaching! Have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth

vintage grey said...

Such sweet and thoughtful gifts!! Love those Santa mugs!! So fun to have such wonderful neighbors! I got our Christmas tree yesterday, it is a small one, but so cute. I am looking forward to decorating it this weekend! Sending Christmas Joy! xo Heather

chris mckinley said...

I live on a culdesac too....I share cookies! Love your examples of sweet.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Lovely gifts! I hope my neighbors will be as wonderful as yours! ♥

Speedy Lady (Tresa) said...

As I scrolled down to each picture, I was ooohing and aaahing. You are so clever and your work is perfect! I especially loved the Santa Mug/Tree. Darling! You are so sweet and thoughtful. And you inspire me. :)

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Oh wow! I can't decide which thing is the cutest! I wish I lived in your culdusac! lol
I went and grabbed some of those snomen too (thanks so Kim), aren't they perfect for crafting?
Great Job Shirley!!!
Erica :)


Hi Shirley,
How very sweet of you to make such nice gifts for your neighbors!
Guess I missed those little snowmen!
Can't wait to see what you made. I'm loving the colors that I see!
Happy Weekend.

DearHelenHartman said...

That is such a lovely tradition. I just love all your creations - but those Santa mugs are my fav.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I love your ideas. I need to start looking for those Santa mugs and the thrift store! They are adorable with the tree! thanks for sharing!

LBP said...

What a wonderful neighbor you are! What creative treats! What lucky neighbors you have!



Sandy said...

All of these are such good ideas!!! I went to Target and someone got there before me that had seen Kim's post....not one little snowman anywhere! lol

I love the candy jars with the paper clay heads the best! :)

Tammy's in Love said...

Hidee Ho Neighbor! They're gonna be tickled pink (er red and green) to see you comin' round the turn! The peek of snowman in a frame is certainly worth checking back for the next post! Smile, what a wonderful neighbor you are!

My Vintage Mending said...

We are on a culdesac too...although since the kids have gotten older it is harder to see each other...How nice of you to share gifts with them. Would love to have you in our culdesac...smiles..Renee

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Shirley!
What darling and extremely thoughful gifts you've made for your neighbors! Each Christmas they must look forward with childlike anticipation to receiving the gifts you've made. I'm in awe of each past years creations. You've incorporated so many clever details.
You're blessed to have such a tight knit neighborhood.

Thank you for sharing and I can hardly wait to see what you have designed for this Christmas.
Have a great weekend, my sweet friend.
Carolynn xxx

craftyles said...

Such cute gifts you've made for your neighbors. Wonderful tradition. Can't wait to see this years with those cute snowmen.

Dorothy Crutchfield said...

How nice! Wish i lived on your block!
Have a good week,Dorothy