Saturday, September 1, 2012

Swiss Days 2012...My Fall Kickoff!

Happy Swiss Days!
Happy September 1st!  And Happy Swiss Days!  My daughter-in-law Shandi and I had a wonderful day of shopping and getting to know one another better.  She's a wonderful and pretty.  Greg's lucky to have her!  Every Labor Day weekend we brave the crowds and endure the hot sticky shuttle buses on our quest to find some new holiday craft we cannot live without.  It's a beautiful drive to Midway through Provo of the most scenic in the state.  The cliffs are lacey with waterfalls and the route of the Heber Creeper train follows the bends of the Provo River, which in turn follows the contours of the mountains.  In the river, fishermen in waders were casting flies in hopes of an elusive trout.  I love this highway!

Fall is Coming!
The Hillsides above Midway are already changing colors.

Welcome to Midway!
It's Swiss influence can be seen all over town.
In the 1860s and 1870s a large number of Swiss immigrants settled here.
It officially became a town in 1891.

There are many charming houses ...

City buildings are built in the Swiss style.
This is the clock on Town Hall.
Even the post office of this small town looks Swiss.
Every fall, the celebration is presided over by lovely Swiss Misses.
Some of the crafter booths are Swiss-themed...

...While others, like this recipe and cookbook vendor,
have their own unique style.

I have no idea what "In a Pikle" was selling...I just liked the umbrellas!

I went mostly for Halloween decor.
I was hesitant to take many pictures of craft items...out of respect for the artists. 
I wish I had pictures from the following vendor...

Best Booth and Most Original Halloween Decor...
Fancy Halloween Crow I purchased from 2 Pitts of a Pear.
Two crafters...aunt and nephew...who really get it!
Everything they created was what I would have made...
(...If I had thought of it first!)
Shandi bought an adorable handmade snowman.
Winner...most hated of all craft items!
It wouldn't be Swiss Days if at least one booth failed to offer
dried flowers framed under glass!
Photographed purely for mocking purposes. =D
(I apologize if this craft from the 80s is your favorite.)
Thus ends Swiss Days 2012.
We came...We shopped...We ate grilled Ham and Swiss sandwiches!
We boarded a hot sticky shuttle which carried us back through a maze of narrow country lanes to the cow pasture where our car was parked.
It was a very good day!




Looks like a very fun time! THe Halloween crow is awesome! I just did a post about the swap! Thank you again!

My Vintage Mending said...

Shirley doesn't every craft fair have something tacky? Love your finds....that crow is darling...smiles...Renee

Tammy's in Love said...

Tons of fun, time with family, grilled ham and, 'scuse me...wasn't there any Swiss chocolate!?!?

Chenille Cottage said...

Hi Shirley!
Oh...I am so jealous! You and Jann both had such a fun time taking in the nicest craft faire. It looks like black birds and crows are the cat's meow this Fall. I love your dolled up black birdie! It is just as cute as can be! Jann's Wise Old Owl is wonderful, too.
Have a great remainder of the Labor Day Weekend, my sweet friend!
Carolynn xoxo

Sarah said...

Looks so fun! I love traditions like that. I got a craft book for my birthday, so I'm planning on doing a few things for the coming holidays. Hopefully I'll find some time to take pictures and share. I've been struggling with keeping up on blogging for the past few months!

I thought what you said about Elvis was so funny! My mom had the same feelings for so long--she remembers him how he was in the 70s at the end of his life from what she saw on TV..big and sweaty! After going to Graceland though, full of his younger years, she gained a new appreciation.

Hope all is well. Enjoy the beginning of fall!


Sarah said...

P.S. I remember you mentioned Julian Fellowes on one of my past posts about his version of Titanic...I wanted you to know I am fully immersed in everything Downton Abbey right now! It is my new favorite show. I'm currently working through Season 2. You are right, his screenwriting is outstanding!

Cheryl said...

What beautiful photographs of such a fun day!

Did you know that a "Shandy" is a drink? My grandfather owned a pub in Edinburgh... anywho-- its a drink made up of half beer and 7-up. Good stuff lol
big hugs,

LBP said...

Sounds like a fun day! I love craft shows, you never know what you will find!



Sharon Murphy said...

My husband used to work for "The Naturalist". We had tons of those dried flower things in our home!

Varma said...

What beautiful photographs of such a fun day! Did you know that a "Shandy" is a drink? My grandfather owned a pub in Edinburgh... anywho-- its a drink made up of half beer and 7-up. Good stuff lol big hugs, Cheryl